November 10 - November 17, 2013

The digital life of students and schools; two special issues on innovation in education: the New York Times, the Phi Beta Kappan; and more...


          What If Shakespeare Pitched Course Registration?
          New York Times, 11/9/13
          "What ho, callow youth!  What royal repast wilt thou engorge thy brains on?"

          Seeking Better PD, Young Teachers Turn to Twitter, Blogs, for New Ideas
          Phi Beta Kappan, 11/1/13
          "Organizational capacity increases when control over learning is handed to motivated learners."

          University Presidents (Stanford, UMich) Rally for the Humanities
          Washington Post, 11/14/13
          "Our ability to work meaningfully with others will determine the success of our enterprises."


          A Law So Teens Can Delete Their Social Media Mistakes
          New Scientist, 11/9/13

          Meditation, Multitasking, and College Students
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/24/13

          Nicholas Carr on the Cost of Technological Progress
          Atlantic, 10/23/13

          Bowdoin (like Other Schools) Reviews Social Media of Admissions Candidates
          New York Times, 11/9/13

          What Happens When a University Tracks Every Student’s Cell Phone?
          New Scientist, 11/9/13

          In Praise of Boredom [paywall]
          New Yorker, 10/28/13


          It’s Happening: Colleges Are Closing As Applicants Diminish
          Wall Street Journal, 11/11/13

          How College Admission Has Changed: 1856 - present
          Atlantic, 11/11/13

          A New Federal Plan for Evaluating Public Colleges
          New Scientist, 10/26/13


          This Vocation-Oriented MOOC Is Changing the World
          BBC News, 10/29/13

          Dweck’s Growth Mindset: Even More Important for Girls?
          KQED, 4/24/13

          But Wait, Can We Really Make Students Curious?
          The Brilliant Blog, 11/6/13

          Do The Arts Add Economic Value?
          Pacific-Standard, 11/5/13


          Special Section: Innovation in Higher Ed
          New York Times, 11/3/13

          Spreading Innovation
          Phi Beta Kappan, 11/1/13