November 24 - December 1, 2013

New thinking about the humanities, colleges changing their timetables, and more...


          EdX and MIT's Bold New Vision for the Future of College
          Inside Higher Ed, 11/25/13
          "Agarwal said he expects MIT will move away from the traditional four-year
          on-campus experience."

          MIT Makes 3D Touchscreens.  Hello, Tool of the Future!
          Fast Company, 11/12/13
          "Whatever it ends up looking like, the UI of the future won't be made of just pixels."


          Are the Humanities in Trouble?  (Maybe, But Here's a New View)
          New York Times11/30/13

          Neuroaesthetics and the Brain Science of Literature
          New York Times, 11/29/13

          Student Asks Famous Writers: "Is Symbolism Intentional?"
          Paris Review, 6/15/12

          Unpublished J. D. Salinger Short Story Manuscripts Leak Online
          Guardian, 11/28/13


          Art Makes Kids Better Students
          New York Times, 11/23/13

          Should Character Be Graded?
          Washington Post, 10/20/11

          Another Effort to Promote Coding for Girls
          Fast Company, 11/13/13


          Udacity Pivots from Academic to Vocational
          Fast Company, 11/14/13

          What Happens When Montessori Kids Choose Their Own Tech Tools?
          EdSurge, 11/20/13


          Gifts from Gratefulness: Health, Happiness... and Fundraising?!
          Harvard Business Review, 11/26/13

          The Period Takes on New Meaning in Digital Communication
          New Republic, 11/25/13