November 3 - November 10, 2013

Week of November 3 - November 10
Teaching Curiosity, The Internet Grows Up, and more...


        Kurt Vonnegut's Term Paper Assignment
        Slate, 11/30/12

        Yes, Curiosity Can Be Taught.  Here's How.
        The Brilliant Blog, 11/4/13

        Mindfulness and Unplugging are Having Their Moment
        The New York Times, 11/1/13

        Is There Hope for the Humanities in a Job-Centric Marketplace?
        New York Times, 10/20/13

        How One School Codes Across the Curriculum
        Mashable, 9/22/13


        Sustaining Berkeley: A Documentary About a Great Public University
        New York Times, 11/8/13

        Colleges Get Quirky in their Applications
        New York Times, 11/2/13


        The Coming of Age of the Interwebs
        New York Review of Books, 11/7/13

        After Helping Launch Coursera and Udacity, Stanford Finally Offers Its Own MOOC
        Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/4/13

        US State Dept Partners with MOOC Providers to Create World Learning Hubs
        New York Times, 11/1/13

        Clayton Christensen Chimes into the MOOC discussion....  Is He Right?
        New York Times, 11/3/13


        Do Good Data Analysis Skills Lead to Better Citizens?
        NPR, 11/1/13

        China Gets the Basics Right: Teachers Talk with Teachers
        New York Times, 10/22/13

        Teach For America Goes International... and Shows Rapid Growth
        New York Times, 10/29/13