December 1 - December 8, 2013

Lessons learned from Finland, an astonishing year for MOOCs, music and literature in the curriculum, and more.


          An American in Finland: What Lessons Were Learned?
          Ed Week, 11/26/13
          "I've already identified three big shifts I'd make right away."

          Love and Math: Reinventing a Discipline
          New York Review of Books, 12/5/13
          "Mathematical proofs, for all their rigorous logic, came to look more like

          Slowing Down: Teaching Patience as a Strategy
          Harvard Magazine, 11/30/13
          "Now that, generally, one need not wait for things, patience becomes an active and
          cognitive state."

          Beyond MOOCs?  Harvard, MIT's Changing Views on EdX
          Harvard Magazine, 12/5/13
          "Modular, unbundled learning suggests much-expanded flexibility in the


          Music and the Brain: A Selection of Research Findings
          Fast Company, 12/6/13

          Yet Another Study: Music Lessons Make You Smarter, More Empathetic
          Pacific Standard, 12/3/13

          Literature is Useful.  It Teaches Empathy.
          New Yorker, 11/6/13

          Literature Shouldn't Have to Be Useful.  Love for Books is Enough.
          New Yorker, 8/27/13


          How Empathy Develops in Adolescents
          Wall Street Journal, 10/15/13

          71% of Teens Engage in "Cyberdeviance"  ... But Maybe This is Ok?
          Pacific Standard, 11/25/13

          Cosmetic Neurology: Teen Adderall Use Spreads Into Adulthood
          Al Jazeera America, 12/3/13

          Snowplow Parents: Now Driving All the Way Through College Deans
          Boston Globe, 11/9/13


          As 3D Printing Enters Childhood, Welcome the Birth of 4D Printing
          Slate, 11/24/13

          Congress Pushes for Free, Digital Textbooks
          Melville House, 12/4/13

          MOOCs 2013: An Astonishing Year in Review
          Hack Education, 11/29/13


          Is Grade Inflation Such a Bad Thing?
          Pacific Standard, 12/6/13

          How Do You Bring Grading To Scale?
          New Scientist, 11/20/13

          We Should Worry About Our International PISA Rankings
          EdWeek, 12/3/13

          No, We Should Not Worry About Our International PISA Rankings
          EdSurge, 12/3/13


          How Low-Income Students Find Great Colleges
          Smithsonian, 12/1/13

          Clarifying the (Mostly-False) Left-Brain/Right-Brain Distinction
          NPR, 12/2/13

          Alt-Academia: New Pursuits for the Academically Credentialed
          New York Times, 11/1/13

          Yep.  Merit Pay is Bad for Everyone.
          EduBlogs, 1/15/11