December 22 - December 29, 2013

Discussion, Creativity, the Year in Review, including ed-tech trends for 2013 from Hack Education, and more...


          Why Discussion Is So Important
          Atlantic, 12/22/13
          "Conversations are messy--full of pauses and interruptions and topic changes and 
          assorted awkwardness.  But the messiness is what allows for true exchange.  It 
          gives participants time--and just as important, the permission--to think and react 
          and glean insights."


          To Be Creative, Learn to Speak Your Colleagues' Social Language
          Fast Company, 12/19/13

          Paradoxical Traits of Creative People
          Fast Company, 9/4/13

          How We Inadvertently Squelch Creativity
          Slate, 12/6/13

          Advice for Being Creative, Successful, and Happy
          Fast Company, 5/9/13


          Growth Mindset Teaching Gains Traction in Schools
          EdWeek, 9/10/13

          In Praise of Tough Teachers
          Wall Street Journal, 9/27/13

          Making Predictions Improves Students Motivation
          Brilliant Blog, 12/23/13


          2013 Year in Review: Coding and Making
          Hack Education, 12/4/13

          On Teaching Kids to Be Entrepreneurs
          Medium, 10/22/13

          Do Kids Really Know How to Use Computers?
          Coding2Learn, 8/29/13


          When the 10,000 Hour Rule Does and Doesn't Apply
          New Yorker, 8/21/13


          2013 Year in Review: Alternative Accreditation
          Hack Education, 12/23/13

          Daphne Koller Talks with Forbes About the Future of Coursera
          Forbes, 12/16/13


          An Economic Argument for Majoring in English
          New York Times, 12/21/13

          Explaining the Strange Grammar of Christmas Songs
          Slate, 12/19/13

          Two-Sentence Stories About the Holidays
          Salon, 12/25/13

          Students Use Instagram to Stage Scenes from Hamlet
          New York Times, 12/19/13


          How to Excel in Math. (It Has to do with Mindsets.)
          Quartz, 10/27/13

          Animated GIFs of 2013's Coolest Advances in Science
          Smithsonian, 12/24/13


          The Effect of Reading Lingers in the Brain for Days
          Futurity, 12/23/13

          Netflix for Books?
          New York Times, 12/24/13

          Why Libraries Are So Important For Our Future
          Guardian, 10/15/13

          Tech Is Here to Stay, But Books Aren't Going Anywhere
          Globe and Mail, 12/21/13


          Top Ten Ed-Tech Trends of 2013
          Hack Education, 12/23/13

          2013 Year in Review: MOOCs
          Hack Education, 11/29/13

          Children, Screen Time, and Pop Culture
          Atlantic, 12/20/13

          On Silicon Valley and Changing the World
          New Yorker, 5/27/13

          Why 3D Printing Will Surge in 2014. (It's Patents.)
          Quartz, 8/21/13

          Does Facebook Make People Unhappy?
          New Yorker, 9/10/13

          The Future of Hardware (Don't Throw Away Your Laptop.)
          Economist, 11/18/13


          Grade Inflation Prevents Failure.  And That's a Bad Thing.
          Harvard Magazine, 12/23/13

          AFT: Myths about American Education, and How to Get Better
          AFT / YouTube, 12/3/13

          Public School Parents Resist Standardized Tests [Video]
          Parent Voices, 11/24/13


          New York Times' Best Education Books of 2013
          New York Times, 12/18/13

          Is ADD an Epidemic?
          New York Times, 12/18/13

          Isaac Asimov's 1964 Predictions about the World in 2014
          New York Times, 8/16/64