December 8 - December 15, 2013

Two featured videos on the digital habits of adolescents, the grade inflation discussion continues, and more...


          PBS Video Asks: Do Digital Natives Really Exist?
          PBS/YouTube, 12/11/13
          This vlog (video blog) by PBS' "Idea Channel" is a video essay that explores what we mean
          when we talk about digital natives.  It's as interesting for its form as for its content, as it's
          edited in a high-speed, fast-cut style that has proliferated in education-related video channels
          like VeritasiumMinute Physics, and others.  The section on digital natives ends after five
          and a half minutes.

          17-Minute Film Takes Place Entirely On a Teenager's Computer Screen
          Fast Company, 9/10/13
          What is it like to be a teenager online today?  This winner of the 2013 Best Canadian
          Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival offers insight into the web-surfing, 
          multitasking, and decision-making habits of adolescents today, and does so remarkably
          well, telling the story entirely through one young man's screen.  
          WARNING: The film contains strong language and explicit content.


          Why Learning to Focus Ought to be Taught 
          KQED, 12/5/13

          The Grey Lady Calls for More Applied Math in Schools
          New York Times, 12/7/13

          David Brooks Offers New Skills for a Digital Age
          New York Times, 12/9/13

          Should We Have a National Digital Citizenship Curriculum?
          VentureBeat, 12/8/13


          How Leaders Can Better Support Creativity
          Fast Company, 12/11/13

          Gates Foundation Proposes Framework for Innovative PD [Image]
          Gates Foundation, 12/2013


          The Learning Benefits from Reading on... Paper?
          New York Times, 12/2/13

          Add Metal to Your 3D Printing Lab
          Fast Company, 12/4/13

          Davidson Professor Designs Online Lessons for AP Courses
          New York Times, 12/6/13

          Professor Reflects on Teaching a MOOC to 140,000 People
          PBS, 12/11/13


          Form and Freedom in Poetry [Paywall]
          New York Review of Books, 12/19/13

          The Threat to the Humanities is Global
          New York Times, 12/2/13


          The Grade Inflation Debate Continues
          New York Times, 12/12/13

          Harvard Student Pushes Back on Grade Inflation Alarmism
          Harvard Crimson, 12/9/13

          Ivy League TA Explains Why She Inflates Grades
          Quartz, 12/13/13


          Are We More Productive With Six-Hour Workdays?
          Quartz, 12/12/13