December 29, 2013 - January 5, 2014

Brain lessons from surprising places, the changing face of Facebook users, and more...


          Teaching is Harder Than Rocket Science, Says Former Rocket Scientist
          Slate, 12/18/13
          "As a teacher, I have seconds to decide how to solve several problems at 
          once, for hours at a time, without any real break, and with no other adults 
          in the room to support them."


          Truck Manufacturing Tells Us That Learning Is Non-Linear
          Priceonomics, 12/27/13

          Top 20 Colleges... Ranked By Lumosity's Cognitive Performance Tests
          Forbes, 12/28/13

          Executive Function May Be More Important than IQ
          Newsweek, 6/3/08


          Three Tips For A More Creative Lifestyle
          Fast Company, 12/21/13


          How Can (and Why Should) We Diversify Who (and What) We Read
          The Globe and Mail, 12/27/13

          Diversity Representation vs Aspiration in School Promotional Media
          NPR, 12/29/13

          Demographic Results from the 2013 Computer Science AP Test
          Computing Education, 1/1/14


          The Search For the Great American Novel Is Alive and Well
          Harvard Magazine, 1/1/14

          Should Non-Standard English Be the Standard?
          Guardian, 12/31/13

          The New Yorker Revisits Don DeLillo
          New Yorker, 1/3/14

          The Book Re-Imagined... in a Very Non-Digital Way
          Globe and Mail, 12/28/13


          London Study Finds 8 Characteristics of Effective School Leaders
          Forbes, 12/30/13

          How Netflix Innovates, Keeps Great Talent, and Thrives
          Harvard Business Review, 1/1/14

          Why Some Organizations Have Can-Do Cultures... and Some Don't
          Re/Code, 1/1/14


          Kids Like Facebook Less Than They Used To...
          Wired, 12/27/13

          ...But They Still Aren't Leaving It
          The Conversation, 12/30/13

          Meanwhile, 73% of Online Adults Are On Social Networks
          Pew Internet, 12/30/13


          Ed Tech CEOs on Where Ed Tech Fell Short in 2013
          EdSurge, 12/26/13

          MOOCs Take Stock on the Year: Was It a Success?
          NPR, 12/31/13

          The Man Who Believes the Internet is a Bunch of Hype
          Columbia Journalism Review, 1/2/14


          How Does Winning the Fields Medal Change One's Productivity?
          Priceonomics, 12/31/13

          Scientists Use Sound Waves to Levitate Objects [Video]
          YouTube, 12/31/13


          A TED Talk on What's Wrong with TED Talks
          Guardian, 12/30/13