January 5 - January 12, 2014

A raging debate about the Great Books and the Humanities.  Also: where does Resilience come from?  What are the origins of the Maker Movement?  And more...


          We Are Losing Our Connection to the Great Books
          Wall Street Journal, 1/3/14
          "This constant, sophisticated dialog between past and present [is] a defining 
          feature of Western Civilization."

          We Shouldn't Worry About Losing the Great Books
          Slate, 1/7/14
          "Not everybody likes Chaucer enough to spend 15 weeks on him, and that's OK."

          The Humanities Aren't Static; They're A Field in the Making
          Works Cited [blog], 1/4/14
          "Humanities research constantly crosses in and out of the academy, and it's so 
          much a part of everyday life that most of the time we don't even bother to think
          of it as 'humanities.'"


          What is Latent Inhibition, and How Does it Help Supply Creativity?
          Fast Company, 1/10/14

          A Tried and True Method for Mechanical Creativity: Reduction
          Forbes, 12/26/13


          Where Does Resilience Come From?  It Might Be These Six Habits
          Fast Company, 1/7/14

          Before You Learn to Code, Learn to Think Like a Coder
          Fast Company, 1/13/14

          Marsalis and Harvard President Drew Faust Promote Arts Education 
          USA Today, 12/31/13


          2013 Word of the Year: "Because"
          New York Times, 1/5/14

          The Humanities Crisis (If There Is One) Is Global
          Wall Street Journal, 1/7/14


          Student Evaluations Are Often Counter Productive
          Brilliant Blog, 6/5/13


          An Intellectual History of the Maker Movement
          New Yorker, 1/13/14

          Two College Students Reinvent the Cardboard Box
          Fast Company, 1/6/14


          Digital Distractions Disrupt Learning... of People Sitting Next To Users
          Brilliant Blog, 4/25/13

          Facebook Growth Is Stabilizing Among Teens
          NPR, 1/9/14


          6 Elements of a Healthy Organizational Culture
          New York Times, 1/4/14

          Why We Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Giving Ourselves Breaks
          Fast Company, 1/6/14

          Productivity and Leadership Tips From... Jerry Seinfeld?
          Fast Company, 1/7/14


          What's the Difference Between Living Happily and Meaningfully?
          Stanford University, 1/1/14

          Light at Night is Bad For Your Health (xrf: Digital Devices)
          io9, 1/9/14

          Thieves Steal 22 Computers from Khan Academy Offices
          Mountain View Voice, 1/7/14

          Google Scholar Grows in Use
          Atlantic, 1/3/14

          New Jersey (Working) Teacher Turns 100!
          Washington Post, 1/10/14