February 9 - February 16, 2014

Lessons learned from flipped classrooms, old MOOCs become new, and there's a strange bump in writing about how staying fixed on goals is less healthy or productive than having a consistent process and being flexible about outcomes.  See the "workplace" articles both this week and last.


          6 Principles for Designing the Ideal School
          KQED, 2/5/14
          "[Three teachers] traveled across the country documenting noteworthy teaching 
          practices at district public schools, charter, private, and parochial schools."

          How To Teach Resilience
          Brilliant Blog, 2/10/14
          "Lastly, the drill sergeants in Seligman's program are taught two capacities that 
          might seem at odds with mental toughness: gratitude and generosity."


          After Decades of Growth, Ivy Applicant Pool Begins to Stabilize
          Harvard Magazine, 2/3/14


          Creativity Researcher James Kaufman Moves to UConn
          National Endowment for the Arts, 2/13/14


          Amherst College Models Admissions Practices for Diversity
          Atlantic, 1/21/14


          Harvard Faculty Meeting Notes About Faculty Online Teaching
          Harvard Magazine, 2/6/14

          The Top 50 "Perfectly Acceptable Schools" [Satire]
          The Onion, 2/8/14


          Can Hi-Resolution Images Change the Way We Teach History?
          Fast Company, 2/6/14

          There's an App Called "Hemingway" that Analyzes Your Verbosity
          Hemingway App, 2/16/14

          Only 3% of Literature in US is Translated from Other Languages
          Pacific Standard, 2/11/14


          Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style
          Harvard Business Review, 3/1/00 (Classic!)


          Why We Should Let Students Fail
          KQED, 2/8/14

          The 3rd Assessment Type: Summative, Formative... and Dynamic
          Institute of Play, 2/1/14

          How the Army Trained 500,000 Soldiers with Flipped Classrooms
          EdSurge, 2/5/14

          More Lessons Learned from the Flipped Classroom
          Steve Blank, 2/11/14


          How to Use Statistics to Nate Silver the Olympics
          Fast Company, 2/7/14


          Welcome to the (Free, Online) University of the People
          New York Times, 2/13/14


          How Goals Can Be Harmful (And Flexibility Can Be Better)
          Brain Pickings, 2/5/14


          Library Support and Attendance Is Higher Than Ever Before 
          Pacific-Standard, 2/6/14

          Dressing Unlike Others Boosts Success?
          Pacific Standard, 2/13/14

          Co-Founder of Cliff's Notes Dies at 94
          Lincoln Journal Star, 2/10/14

          Doodles By Darwin's Kids from On The Origins of Species
          The Appendix, 2/12/14