January 26 - February 2, 2014

Enjoy a thought (or anger) provoking piece in the NYT by Amy Chua (of Tiger Mom fame) about dispositions and an interview with Sal Khan and Sebastian Thrun about the future of online education.  Also, in addition to college recruitment news, this week surfaced a discussion about how Dungeons and Dragons teaches good leadership, a sentiment which echoed a talk given by CEO of Evernote Phil Libin last March.  Libin's presentation offered insight into Evernote growing success, and it was full of some of the best advice I've heard with regards to fostering excellence.


          Middle School Athletes Are Committing to College--Then Starting HS
          New York Times, 1/26/14
          "For girls and boys, the trend is gaining steam despite the unhappiness of many of 
          the coaches and parents who are most heavily involved, many of whom worry 
          about the psychological and physical toll it is taking on youngsters."

          Smart (and Dumb) Tech: Calculators That Make You Guess, and More
          Brilliant Blog, 1/27/14
          "You use [the QAMA calculator] just like a regular calculator, plugging in the 
          numbers of the problem you want to solve - but QAMA won't give you the answer 
          until you provide an accurate estimate of what that answer will be."

          What Low Cost, Scalable Education Looks Like
          Wired, 11/12/13
          "Bridge offers a system built on easy replication: a template for setting up schools 
          cheaply, enrolling children seamlessly, hiring instructors, creating a curriculum, 
          and making sure children learn it.  The schools themselves may lo-fi, but Bridge's 
          back offices are very high tech."


          Reclaim Your Mornings for Better Creative Productivity
          Farnam Street, 1/21/14


          Deliberate Practice: Without It, Your 10,000 Hours Don't Add Up
          Brain Pickings, 1/22/14

          The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Failure to See Our Own Shortcomings
          Pacific Standard, 1/23/14


          10 Social Media Tips for Student Recruitment
          EduGuru, 1/28/14


          A Call for the Liberal Arts.  (College Majors are Too Narrow.)
          Atlantic, 1/24/14

          11 Writers and Scientists Describe Critical Thinking
          Farnam Street, 1/24/14


          Return of the Tiger Mom: The 3 Drivers of Success
          New York Times, 1/25/14


          Performance Reviews Only Work When Perspective is Understood
          Washington Post, 1/27/14

          Notes on How to Make Performance Reviews More Meaningful
          Washington Post, 12/22/11


          How Else--Other Than Earnings--Can You Value Your Degree...?
          Atlantic, 1/23/14

          ...And Is the Value of That Degree Declining?
          Washington Post, 1/28/14


          Defining a "Classic" Is Like Defining the Canon
          Salon, 1/29/14

          One Writer's Look: The Best 5 Punctuation Marks in Literature
          Vulture, 1/16/14


          We're Entering the Dungeons and Dragons Age of Leadership
          Quartz, 1/26/14

          Evernote CEO: "How Dungeons & Dragons Shapes My Company"
          SXSW/SoundCloud, 3/12/13

          At Berkeley: What Makes Administration Matter Is the School
          New York Review of Books, 2/6/14


          Here's a Way to Teach Students of All Levels
          Harvard Magazine, 1/1/14


          How Ricky Gervais Learned to Write
          Fast Company, 9/12/13

          Do We Still Need the Comma?
          Slate, 1/26/14

          Books vs Blogs: Which Has a Better Return on (Time) Investment?
          Forbes, 1/24/14


          Sal Khan and Sebastian Thrun Talk About the Future of Ed
          TED, 1/28/14

          A Brief History of MOOCs
          TED, 1/27/14

          A Century Old Look at the Effect of Technology
          On Being, 1/23/14

          Educators Predicted Remote Digital Learning... in 1934
          Gixmodo, 1/29/14

          8 Insights Into When Screen Time Is and Isn't Educational
          Forbes, 1/24/14