March 16 - March 23, 2014

On the importance of questions... and then: questioning grades, questioning grit, questioning the digital humanities and more.  


          A Short History of Shakespeare's Prominence in America
          New York Times, 3/19/14
          "You have John Quincy Adams on Desdemona having sex with Othello, 
          Lincoln reading 'Macbeth,' and another president, Grant, rehearsing the role 
          of Desdemona at a military camp.  You couldn't make this stuff up.  This is how 
          central a preoccupation Shakespeare was at the time."

          How to Teach Entrepreneurship in High School
          Steve Blank, 3/12/14
          "Because these were high school kids with, for the first time, a real business 
          relying on them, this portion of the class shook them so badly they couldn't 
          move from their seats--literally... Feeling the pressure, after 3 wasted days, 
          one student on one team finally convinced her team they needed to get out 
          of the building."


          Do All-Nighters Permanently Kill Brain Cells?
          Forbes, 3/20/14

          Is Working Memory the Key to Prodigious Success?
          Fast Company, 3/14/14


          How Constraints Promote Creativity
          Fast Company, 3/10/14


          Can Computer Languages Satisfy Foreign Language Requirements?
          Edutopia, 10/30/13

          Teaching Students to Ask Questions Is Most Important
          KQED, 10/26/12


          Grading: Numbers, Letters, or Standards?
          Atlantic, 3/12/14

          A Call for Standardized Tests That Test Modes of Thinking
          New York Times, 3/10/14


          An 8-Minute Primer on Building Character
          Tiffany Shlain/YouTube, 3/20/14

          Grit: Just a Fad?
          NPR, 3/17/14

          3 Questions Challenging the Promotion of Grit
          Berkeley, 3/20/14


          Understanding Microaggressions: Subtle, Everyday Stereotyping
          New York Times, 3/22/14

          On the Difference Between Being Color Blind and Color Brave
          TED, 3/20/14


          What Does "Digital Humanities" Mean?
          New Yorker, 3/20/14

          A New Approach to Literary Criticism
          New Yorker, 3/20/14

          Overused Words: "Actually" Going Up, "Indeed" Going Down
          New Republic, 3/16/14


          How Chipotle's Employee Culture Sustains Excellence
          Quartz, 3/20/14

          How to Build Innovation into an Organization
          Steve Blank, 3/4/14


          3 Ways One English Teacher Jumpstarted Her Teaching
          EdSurge, 3/18/14


          Take Your Notes Manually, Access Them Digitally
          NPR, 3/18/14

          How One City Is Working To Close the Word Gap
          NPR, 3/17/14


          Welcome the Smart Watch.
          Fast Company, 3/18/14

          Technology, Facebook, Kids, and Grownups: Where We Are Now
          The Verge, 3/13/14


          Public, Private, and Charter Schools... and Now Hybrid Schools?
          New York Times, 3/13/14

          A Fork That Produces Custom Smells While You Eat
          Fast Company, 3/19/14