February 23 - March 2, 2014

Lots this week on Reading and Writing, Stories and Storytelling, Failure and Character, and more.


          When Google Hires, It's Looking for "Learning Ability" Not Degrees
          Quartz, 2/24/14
          "When you look at people who don't go to school and make their way in the world, 
          those are exceptional human beings.  And we should do everything we can to find 
          those people."

          Struggle is Better for Learning than Scaffolded Understanding
          Brilliant Blog, 2/24/14
          "Kapur has identified three conditions that promote a beneficial struggle.  First, 
          choose problems to work on that 'challenge but do not frustrate.' Second, provide 
          learners with opportunities to explain and elaborate on what they're doing.  
          Third, give learners the chance to compare and contrast good and bad solutions."

          A Tribute to Reading: Why We Read, Finding the Time, and More
          Farnam Street, 9/2/13
          "Odds are that no matter what you're working on, someone somewhere, who is 
          smarter than you, has probably thought about your problem and put it into a book."


          Elizabeth Kolbert Spends a Year Practicing and Taking the SAT
          New Yorker, 3/3/14


          How 50 Artists Break Through Creative Block
          Brain Pickings, 2/28/14


          Another Call to Let Students Fail
          Bloomberg, 2/20/14

          Chess, Critical Thinking, and Character (via Paul Tough)
          Farnam Street, 2/19/14


          Group Affiliation is Stronger than Racial Affiliation
          New Scientist, 2/27/14


          Why It's Harder Today to be a Professor in the Public Sphere
          New Yorker, 2/21/14


          Does Literature Make Us More Moral, or Does it Define Morality?
          Boston Review, 2/24/14

          How are Stories Structured?  (We Can't Agree...)
          Farnam Street, 2/24/14


          The Long History (and Short Future) of Rhetoric and Composition
          Ann Larson, 2/22/14

          What is the Most Internet Sentence?
          New Republic, 2/26/14

          Audiobooks Are Reviving the Culture of Storytelling
          New York Times, 2/22/14

          Google: Writing is a Design Skill.  5 Ways to Write Better Copy.
          Fast Company, 2/18/14


          Using Geometry to Get the Best Pizza Deal [Interactive]
          NPR, 2/26/14

          15 Common Scientific Illustrations that Aren't Quite Right
          Mental Floss/YouTube, 2/26/14


          EdX and Facebook Bring Online Education to Unconnected Places
          BostInno, 2/24/14


          What Does American Think About Education? [Interactive]
          50can, 2/19/14