March 30 - April 6, 2014


          How to Innovate Within an Organization
          Steve Blank, 3/31/14
          "Paradoxically, in spite of the seemingly endless resources, innovation inside of an 
          existing company is much harder than inside a startup.  That's because existing 
          companies face a conundrum: Every policy and procedure that makes them efficient 
          execution machines stifles innovation."

          On Building a War Room, or Why Every Leader Needs White Boards
          Fast Company5/1/14
          "[They] help your team work better together.  When you capture every decision and 
          put it on the wall, you don't have to wonder if everyone is on the same page.  The 
          room is the page.  The more you put on the walls, the more shared understanding 
          you build."


          Percentage of A's Awarded in College Has Almost Tripled
          Brilliant Blog, 3/12/14

          US Is Above Average on PISA's Creative Problem Solving Test
          New York Times, 4/1/14


          Thanking Fast Doesn't Mean Thinking Well
          Smithsonian, 4/1/14


          Is There Gender Parity in College Admissions?
          Washington Post, 3/26/14


          Daily Routines of Some of History's Great Minds and Artists
          Huffington Post, 3/29/14


          How to Create Joy in the Classroom and in School
          Brilliant Blog, 3/31/14

          What's Better than Praise and Feedback?  Asking Questions.
          KQED, 3/28/14

          Wisdom is Knowing What You Don't Know
          Farnam Street, 3/25/14

          Socrates' Reflections on Wisdom
          Farnam Street, 3/28/14

          Duckworth, Grit, and Paul Tough (via Brain Pickings)
          Brain Pickings, 3/28/14


          On Talking with Kids About Race
          Slate, 3/30/14


          Why Languages Die, and Why We're Witnessing a Mass Extinction
          Vice, 4/1/14

          NY Public Library Puts 20,000 Maps Online for Free
          Open Culture, 3/31/14

          Shakespeare's March Madness: 32 Plays, Just One Winner [Humor]
          NPR, 3/30/14


          What Happens When Students Lead Conferences with Adults?
          ASCD Educational Leadership, 3/1/14


          David Foster Wallace on 5 Common Word Usage Mistakes
          Farnam Street, 3/27/14


          Math Students Benefit from Exposure to More Complex Content
          New York Times, 4/4/14

          Computers Teach Computers to Problem Solve (and Play Games)
          Science Daily, 4/4/14

          Ready to 3D Print Your Home?
          Guardian, 3/28/14

          We Might Want to Explicitly Teach What Science Is
          Huffington Post, 3/11/14


          2 Yr Study: Has Khan Academy Helped Students Learn More Math?
          SRI International, 3/30/14

          This Math Teacher Questions the Efficacy of Khan Academy
          Dan Meyer, 3/31/14


          Educators Ought to Lead Edtech Innovations
          EdSurge, 3/28/14

          How One College Changed Its Approach to Homework... for Better
          Brilliant Blog, 3/31/14