April 27 - May 4, 2014


          There's Good Stress and Bad Stress; Here's the Difference
          Stanford Magazine, 5/1/14
          "The key to maximizing the benefits of stress while minimizing any negative effects is 
          interspersing 'regular hits' of acute stress with periods of low or no stress... he 
          advises harnessing the daily aggravations that life already throws at you.  And 
          exercising more, but maybe not for the reason you think."

          An Outside Take on the Gates Foundation Survey of 3,000 Teachers
          Forbes, 4/22/14
          "While I think their report suffers from a misguided faith in the power of revolution, 
          rejuvenation, disruption and innovation, there are still quite a few important take 
          aways.  Here are the five findings that are most interesting to me..."


          An Argument Against Admitting Legacy Students
          New York Times, 4/24/14


          Defense Department Releases Language Learning Aptitude Test
          Nautilus, 4/17/14

          Is Note Taking on the Computer More or Less Effective?
          Pacific Standard, 4/25/14

          Stories are the Key to Our Hearts and Minds
          Pacific Standard, 4/22/14

          Ten Philosophers and Writers on Memory
          Guardian, 4/2/14


          Studying Abroad Makes More Complex and Creative Thinkers
          Brilliant Blog, 4/28/14

          The Best Thinking and Creativity Comes from Combination
          Farnam Street, 4/24/14


          Children Need More Time to Play, Not Study
          Independent, 2/12/14

          Even the Business World Thinks We Need More Time to Play
          Forbes, 4/26/14

          ...But Do Children Need Less Structure in Their Play... or More?
          Brilliant Blog5/3/14

          On the Importance of the Liberal Arts... For All Students
          Atlantic, 4/29/14

          Research Connects Software Code and Language Processing 
          Fast Company, 4/21/14


          How to Beat Stress.  (What Makes Us Happy?)  [Infographic]
          Happify, 4/26/14

          Further Insight Into Teaching Moral Character to Kids
          Dr. Robert Brooks, 4/23/14

          Social-Emotional Learning: Teach the Teachers First
          New York Times, 4/30/14


          How to Promote Diversity in Post-Affirmative Action States
          New York Times, 4/22/14

          Do College Admissions Offices Discriminate Against Asians?
          Priceonomics, 4/24/14

          Princeton Op-Ed Kicks Off National Conversation on Privilege
          New York Times, 5/2/14


          Critique the Digital Humanities; It's Our Intellectual Responsibility
          New Republic, 5/2/14


          How to Use Student-Generated Infographics in Class
          EdSurge, 4/27/14


          Where do MOOCs Fit in the History of Education Innovation?
          Slate, 5/2/14


          5 Tools for Data Visualization
          Fast Company, 4/28/14


          What is the ASU-GSV Ed Innovation Summit?
          EdSurge, 4/27/14

          These Game Designers Aim for Social Impact
          Forbes, 4/26/14

          Is Collecting Large Scale Student Data Possible?
          New York Times, 4/26/14