May 25 - June 1, 2014


          Wesleyan President: Critical Thinking Is Over-Emphasized
          New York Times, 5/10/14
          "Critical Reflection is fundamental to teaching and scholarship, but fetishizing 
          disbelief as a sign of intelligence has contributed to depleting our cultural resources.
          Creative work, in whatever field, depends upon commitment, the energy of 
          participation, and the ability to become absorbed in works of literature, art, and 

          Stanford Professor Explains the Pedagogy of Games
          Stanford, 5/14/14
          "If you see how well students learn the next thing after these discovery experiences, 
          it turns out that they prepare students for future learning."

          Books at Home = Smarter Kids.  Now the Research is Global.
          Pacific Standard, 5/27/14
          "They enhance the academic performance of children from families at all educational 
          and occupational levels."


          Kids Are Better Behaved Than Ever
          Vox, 5/25/14


          How Attention Determines Creativity and Insight
          New Yorker, 5/28/14


          What Does Google Look For in Hires?
          New York Times, 4/19/14

          What Google Gets Wrong About the Humanities vs Sciences
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/28/14


          Studies Show Mindfulness Counteracts Attention Deficits
          New York Times, 5/12/14


          Understanding Social Class Through Home Visits... to Students 
          New York Times, 5/20/14


          What is Cultural Literacy in a Digital Age?
          New York Times, 5/24/14


          Short List of Summer MOOCs for Educators
          Educators Technology, 5/27/14

          20+ EdTech Summer PD Opportunities
          EdSurge, 5/21/14


          History Prof: Why I Will Give Trigger Warnings.  And How.
          Inside Higher Ed, 5/29/14

          B. F. Skinner's Daughter Explains the Behavioral Missteps of MOOCs
          American Association of University Professors, 6/1/14

          Tiger-Mom Revisited: Comparing Approaches to Motivating Kids
          Stanford, 5/20/14


          Levar Burton Is Bringing Back Reading Rainbow
          Slate, 5/28/14

          4 Architecture Firms Reinvent the Bookshop... and Libraries?
          More Intelligent Life, 6/1/14


          Will Solar Roadways Solve Our Energy Woes?
          The Verge, 5/26/14


          Introducing the $250 3D Printer...
          Fast Company, 5/28/14

          ...And Now We're 3D Printing Food for Everyday Consumers.
          FlatEv, 3/1/14

          Welcome to the Age of Live, Digital, Verbal Translation
          Network World, 5/28/14


          What's Worse Than Workplace Harassment?  Neglect.
          Pacific-Standard, 5/20/14

          Swedes Test Out a 6 Hour Work Day.  Will They Ever Go Back?
          Yahoo Finance, 5/29/14


          Community Relations Goes Beyond Writing Checks
          SF Gate, 5/17/14

          Why Cell Phones Make Us Bad Planners [Humor]
          The Bold Italic, 5/29/14

          Millennials Prefer $40K Jobs With Purpose Over $100K Jobs Without
          Policy Mic, 5/28/14

          Driverless Cars Now Have No Steering Wheels or Pedals
          New York Times, 5/27/14