May 4 - May 11, 2014


          What in Schools Actually Helps Students "Thrive"?
          NPR, 5/6/14
          "Graduates who said they had a 'mentor who encouraged my hopes and dreams,' 
          'professors who cared about me' and at least one prof who 'made me excited about 
          learning' are three times more likely to be thriving and twice as likely to be engaged 
          at work."

          For Groundbreaking Creativity, Exorcise Fear of Failure (via Pixar)
          Brain Pickings, 5/2/14
          "Mistakes aren't a necessary evil.  They aren't evil at all.  They are an inevitable 
          consequence of doing something new [and, as such, should be seen as valuable; 
          without them, we'd have no originality."

          Alfie Kohn Pushes Back Against the New Culture of Failure
          New York Times, 5/3/14
          "No one ever explains the mechanism by which the silence of a long drive home 
          without a trophy is supposed to teach resilience.  Nor are we told whether there's 
          any support for this theory of inoculation by immersion [in something, without 
          assistance from 'overprotective' adults]."


          The Mind, Memory, and Medicine: Four Books
          New York Review of Books5/22/14


          More Research Indicating that Coding is a Job Skill in High Demand
          Boston Globe, 5/4/14

          Coding Bootcamps are Tripling in Size in 2014
          Course Report, 4/30/14


          A Broader Look at Teaching Grit
          Edutopia, 1/9/14

          Five Ways to Teach Grit in the Classroom
          Edutopia, 1/7/14


          Internet Chimes in on Princeton's "Check Your Privilege" Moment...

          ...and How "Checking Your Privilege" is Now a Weapon.
          New Republic, 5/6/14


          Harvard Adopts an Academic Honor Code.  Here is the Language.
          Harvard Magazine, 5/7/14

          Stanford Shares Visions for the Future of Higher Ed
          Stanford Report, 5/5/14

          Schools Envision Unbundling Courses into Smaller Modules
          Harvard Magazine, 5/5/14

          Does Social Life Drive the College Experience?
          New York Times, 5/3/14


          What Texts Does Junot Diaz Teach in his MIT Literature Classes?
          Salon, 5/2/14

          What Is the Role of the Canon Today?
          New York Times, 3/18/14


          Might the Most Difficult Task of a School Leader Be... Succession?
          Forbes, 5/2/14


          New York Public Library Backs Down from Gutting 42nd St
          New York Times, 5/7/14

          Why Computers Can't Meaningfully Grade Writing (...Yet?)
          Washington Post, 5/2/13

          More Criticism of Robo-Grading
          Boston Globe, 4/30/14


          Early Study of MOOCs: Students Show Little Application of Learning
          Times Higher Education, 5/1/14


          Stanford Divests Coal Stock from its $18bn Endowment
          New York Times, 5/6/14

          And 3D Printers Start Moving into the Mainstream (Makeup?)
          Business Insider, 5/6/14

          How Small Independent Bookstores are Thriving
          NPR, 5/3/14

          4 Ways to Bring the Best Talent for Teaching at Troubled Schools
          Forbes, 4/30/14

          Teen Gives Away Banned Books.  Parents Call Cops.  [Humor?]
          KBOI, 4/23/14