June 22 - June 29, 2014

College scholarships for video games, a terrific article on coding in schools, some surprises about the workplace, the physics of bending kicks in soccer, revisiting this year's articles about character, and much more.


          The Challenge of Teaching WWI (and History) in Modern Times
          Los Angeles Times, 6/21/14
          "I doubt that understanding the Great War will help young people 'compete in the
          global economy.' In fact, insight into that war's causes might lead kids to rethink 
          entirely international competition as an educational goal."

          Coding: The Best Article Yet on Computational Thinking in Schools
          Mother Jones, 6/1/14
          "It was little more than a century ago that literacy became universal in Western 
          Europe and the United States.  If computational skills are on the same trajectory, 
          how much are we hurting our economy--and our democracy--by not moving faster 
          to make them universal?"

          College Offers 45 Scholarships for Video Gaming.  [Not a Joke]
          NPR, 6/23/14
          "In addition to the scholarships, which are worth about $19,000 each, the school will 
          also be looking to hire a video game coach...  The move marks yet another step in the
          mainstreaming of video games, which in this context are also called e-sports, within 
          education.  There's already a Collegiate Star League dedicated to video gaming, with 
          teams at 100 universities including MIT and the University of California, Berkeley."


          Being Cool at Age 13 Can Lead to Social Difficulties Later in Life
          New York Times, 6/23/14


          Study: Kids Value Achievement Over Caring [Report]
          Atlantic, 6/25/14

          On the Importance of Teaching Empathy to Boys
          KQED, 6/25/14


          Do Your Most Important Work in the Morning [Study]
          Harvard Business Review, 6/26/14

          For Mastery, Slow Down and Spread Out Your Learning
          Brilliant Blog, 6/28/14


          Some White Noise Helps With Creativity.  Here's How Much... [Study]
          The Creativity Post, 6/27/14

          Tina Roth Eisenberg on Why Creating Is Better Than Complaining
          99u, 6/26/14

          On the Need for both Solitude and Crowds in Creative Work
          Creativity Post, 6/23/14


          Schools Bring Back Art, Music, and Gym to Increase Attendance
          NPR, 6/23/14


          Tips for Reading from Textbooks
          Edutopia, 6/27/14

          Alan Lightman on our Relationship With Nature
          New York Times, 5/2/14


          Remember To Look Outside Your Usual Team
          Harvard Business Review, 6/25/14

          Happy Faculty = Collaborative Faculty [Study]
          Harvard Business Review, 6/27/14


          Play as Professional Development
          Edutopia, 6/26/14


          The Physics of Bending Kicks in Soccer
          MIT News, 6/17/14


          Is Coursera Shifting from Helping Learners to Helping Institutions?
          e-Literate, 6/23/14

          A 3D Graph of the Growth of 3D Printers
          Fast Company, 6/19/14


          Exercise Doesn't Mitigate Risks from Sitting... but Breaks Do
          Quartz, 6/26/14

          Standing Meetings Are More Productive and Creative [Study]
          Washington Post, 6/20/14


          A Brief History of Title IX
          Writer's Almanac, 6/23/14

          Our Moral Decision-Making Changes When Using 2nd Languages
          New York Times, 6/20/14

          One Approach to Helping Underperformers
          Harvard Business Review, 6/23/14

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          What Can Upworthy Teach Us About Curiosity?
          Brilliant Blog, 2/7/14

          What is Wisdom?  Can It Be Measured?
          New York Times, 3/12/14

          How Do We Learn Empathy?
          Farnam Street, 3/17/14

          Persist: 10 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People
          Mental Floss, 3/5/14

          How to Create Joy in the Classroom and in School?
          Brilliant Blog, 3/31/14

          How to Beat Stress.  What Makes Us Happy?  [Infographic]
          Happify, 4/26/14

          Mindfulness Helps Counteract Attention Deficits
          New York Times, 5/12/14

          5 Ways to Foster Grit in the Classroom
          Edutopia, 1/7/14