June 8 - June 15, 2014

This academic year yielded plenty of new research on how sleep, being in nature, and other habits influence our cognitive health.  On that note, we all should probably take a short nap.  But before then, notice one Dartmouth Professor's reflection on having laptops in class, and how found poetry continues to grow on Twitter.


          How Memories Can Be Altered...
          New Yorker, 5/19/14
          "'Memory erasure remains a possible but unproven hypothesis,' Joseph LeDoux has 
          written, adding that editing memories 'is definitely possible and has broad 

          ...Meanwhile, Digital Memory Implants Near Reality [Paywall]
          New Scientist, 6/7/14
          "'Our model lets us establish a memory that has not been used before,' Hampson 
          says... If that could be replicated in humans, a chip could come with ready made code 
          that could give people a head start on relearning general skills such as brushing your 
          teeth or driving a car."

NOTE: For the summer months, we'll have a themed weekly feature of some of the best or most interesting articles from the previous academic year.  See the end of this issue for a selection of articles on this week's theme: cognitive science.


          Viewing Nature Reduces Impulsive Behavior (and Stress)
          Pacific Standard, 6/10/14

          How Your Senses Influence Your Thinking
          Atlantic, 5/16/14

          Learning Surges and Recedes, Like Waves, Not Like Mastery Stages
          Brilliant Blog, 6/3/14


          Artifacts From Creative People Can Increase Your Own Creativity
          Pacific Standard, 6/11/14


          ACT Revamps Scoring to Include "Job-Readiness" and More
          Wall Street Journal, 6/6/14


          Calling Out the Doomsayers on "The Death of the Humanities"
          Atlantic, 6/6/14

          Charles Wright Named US Poet Laureate
          Washington Post, 6/12/14


          Detroit School Goes Fully Competency-Based
          EdSurge, 6/11/14


          Twitter: Home of Accidental Iambs, Anagrams, and now Pangrams
          Slate, 6/6/14

          Is "Serious" Reading on the Decline?
          New York Review of Books, 6/10/14


          Cartographers Aren't Sure How to Portray Arctic Sea Ice Anymore
          Quartz, 6/10/14

          Algorithm Named to Board of Hong Kong Company
          Business Insider, 5/13/14


          Most Favored Apps for Teachers (from Nationwide Survey)
          KQED, 6/11/14

          Laptops Banned in Some Dartmouth Comp Sci Classes
          New Yorker, 6/6/14

          Live Video Game Streaming Outpaces Facebook in Internet Use
          New Scientist, 6/7/14

          Many MOOCs Now Available on Mobile Device
          New York Times, 6/4/14


          Voices Respond to Vergara Ruling on Teacher Tenure
          Al Jazeera America, 6/13/14

          Visualizing Trendy Office Talk: Who Says What. [Humor?]
          Atlantic, 5/16/14


          Kids (As Young as 6) Know When You're Not Telling the Whole Truth
          Pacific Standard, 6/11/14

*    *    *    *


          Walking in Nature Improves Short Term Memory
          PsyBlog, 1/7/09

          Viewing Nature Reduces Impulsive Behavior (and Stress)
          Pacific Standard, 6/10/14

          Another Study About How Music Helps Children's Brains
          Huffington Post, 11/14/13

          Sleep Cleans the Brain
          New York Times, 1/11/14

          Sleep Strengthens Memory.  Now We Know How.
          New Scientist, 6/5/14

          Sleep: Sore Labor's Bath, the Balm of Hurt Minds
          Boston Globe, 1/13/14

          Naps Increase Job Performance, so Sayeth NASA
          Priceonomics, 1/13/14

          Attention is the Filter of Our Lives and Learning
          Farnam Street, 1/13/14

          Learning a Second Language Slows Cognitive Decline from Aging
          New Scientist, 6/3/14

          14 Insights into Willpower and Decision-Making
          Business Insider, 4/15/14

          10 Insights Into How Our Brains Work
          Buffer, 9/12/13