July 6 - July 13, 2014


          Even the CIA Has A Style Guide, and It's Great (So Far)
          Quartz, 7/8/14 
          "Good intelligence depends in large measure on clear, concise writing.  The
           information CIA gathers and the analysis it produces mean little if we cannot convey
           them effectively... This guide is designed to be helpful and convenient, sensible in
           organization, and logical in content.  It contains, among other changes, a revised list
           of accepted acronyms and new tips on word usage.  The world is not static.  Nor is the
           language we employ to assess it."  [Download]

          A Writer Handwrote Every Email and Tweet for a Week.  Lessons?
          Seattle Times, 7/5/14
          "I did it to hack my brain.  To make it slow down and notice the flurry of digital
           mutterings it writes and sends so easily, they barely register as mutterings at all."


          Making Visual Art Increased Resilience in Retirees
          Pacific Standard, 7/7/14


          How Does the Brain Function Differently While Writing?
          New York Times, 6/20/14

          How Piano Players' Brains Are Different
          Mic, 6/20/14

          Movement Aids Learning, Even Virtual Movement
          KQED, 7/11/14

          Can Computers Evaluate Student Metacognition During Learning?
          EdSurge, 7/7/14

          Stadium Culture v. Sanctuary Culture?  Are We Quiet or Curious?
          Pacific Standard, 7/7/14


          8 Reasons Why You Should Draw Your Thinking
          Smashing, 10/10/13


          Top Universities Teach Programming In Python and Java
          Communications of the ACM, 7/7/14

          Quantum Poetry, and Other Efforts to Blend the Curriculum
          Brain Pickings, 7/10/14

          Stanford Makes a Hands On, Residential, Science Program
          Stanford, 7/8/14


          Private School, Race, and Social Capital
          Next City, 5/27/14

          This Fall, White Students Will No Longer Be A National Majority
          Atlantic, 7/2/14


          Help Your Board Cross the Digital Divide
          Harvard Business Review, 7/9/14

          How a Leader's Example Influences an Organization's Employees
          Harvard Business Review, 7/10/14


          Pushback Grows Against "Personalized Learning"
          dy/dan, 6/23/14


          57% of Students Prefer Print Textbooks (Why, and Why Not)
          Publishers Weekly, 7/8/14

          Digital feedback Tools for Student Writing
          EdSurge, 7/9/14


          How Workspaces Can Increase Productivity - Individual and Collective
          Fast Company, 7/9/14


          NPR Does a Broad Survey on Stress in American Life
          NPR, 7/7/14

          4 Ways to Assess the Validity of Studies About Education
          Atlantic, 7/8/14

          Educating Preschoolers About Sleep Improves Their Sleep Habits
          Brilliant Blog, 7/10/14

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          5 Characteristics of Good Managers
          Harvard Business Review, 3/13/14

          How to Build Innovation Into an Organization
          Steve Blank, 3/4/14

          Why School Leaders Should Visit More Classrooms
          EdSurge, 4/11/14

          A Machine Thinker Considers Organizational Agility and Innovation
          Medium, 1/15/14