August 10 - August 17, 2014

Provocative pedagogy articles, and familiar refrains in professional development.  See both the feature articles and the Pedagogy section.

Also, some highlights include the Atlantic's investigation of the Minerva Project, which appears to be the next generation of online course provision.  Significantly, the article, like its title "The Future of College?", ends with a question mark.


          Book: "Building Better Teachers"  (Answer: Collaboration and Time)
          Atlantic, 8/13/14
          "The PISA results are not ambiguous.  Every single country that outperforms us has 
          significantly smaller teacher workloads.  Indeed, on the scale of time devoted by 
          teachers to in-class instruction annually, the United States is off the charts."

          Bloom and the 2-Sigma Problem
          EdSurge, 8/10/14
          "Students who learned a topic through tutoring, combined with regular formative 
          assessment and corrective instruction, performed two standard deviations (2 sigma) 
          better than students who received conventional classroom instruction... Can 
          researchers and teachers devise teaching-learning conditions that will enable the 
          majority of students under group instruction to attain [the same] levels of 

          Do Lessons from Business Apply to Education?
          New York Times, 8/16/14
          "While these reformers talk a lot about markets and competition, the essence of a 
          good education -- bringing together talented teachers, engaged students and a 
          challenging curriculum -- goes undiscussed.  Business does have something to teach 
          educators, but it's neither the saving power of competition nor flashy ideas like 
          disruptive innovation.  Instead, what works are time-tested strategies.


          Robo-Graders: More Motivating to Students, but Bad Graders
          Hechinger Report, 8/13/14


          The Neuroscience of Taking Breaks, And When to Plan Them
          New York Times, 8/10/14

          Can Brain Training Improve Working Memory?  Mixed Results.
          Quartz, 8/12/14


          Encouragement for Innovators in Established Organizations
          Harvard Business Review, 8/12/14


          6 Resources For Teaching Kids to Code
          Edutopia, 8/12/14

          Should We Bring Back Civics Classes?
          KQED, 8/1/14


          Can College Really Be Provided Online?
          Atlantic, 8/13/14


          Exploring Cognitive Dissonance (Confusion) as Teaching Tool
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/14/14

          Why We Should Start Our Planning With Our Assessments
          Mission 100%, 8/11/14


          Studies Begin to Tease Apart How eReading Changes Understanding
          New York Times, 8/13/14

          The Science of Typos (Yes, There is a Science of Typos)
          Wired, 8/12/14

          Metaphors Work Both Ways (Fishy Smells Inspire Suspicion)
          Pacific Standard, 8/13/14


          Iranian Stanford Professor Becomes First Woman to Win Fields Medal
          Stanford, 8/12/14

          Did Our Ancestors Leave Africa Twice as Early as We Thought?
          New Scientist, 8/8/14

          Epigenetics: The Science of Nature Meeting Nurture
          Discover, 6/11/13


          A Solid Defense of... Email... (sigh)
          Atlantic, 8/14/14


          10 Data Visualization Highlights from the First Half of 2014
          Visualizing Data, 8/12/14

          How Apple Uses Picasso in its In-House Instruction
          New York Times, 8/10/14


          Robin Williams as Teacher: From Sage/Stage to Guide/Side
          NPR, 8/12/14

          Charting the Growth of Non-Teachers in Schools
          Thomas Fordham Institute, 8/12/14

          Researchers on Handwriting vs Cursive (What About Typing?)
          KQED, 3/26/14

          Do Video Game Skills Lead to Gainful Employment?
          Wall Street Journal, 8/12/14