August 24 - August 31, 2014

The "Seven Reasons Teachers Would do a Job Better Than Non-Teachers" is a great feel-good read.  It starts right off the bat with an under-appreciated fact about teachers: that teachers are prolific creative professionals.  

This week's article on keeping an organized workplace the way chefs do (called: "mise-en-place") really argues that organization reduces your cognitive load at work.  It's like Steve Jobs' decision to wear the same turtleneck and jeans each day; it becomes one less thing to distract you from what matters.  What would this look like for teachers?

Also,consider the thought piece about the turning point of video games in today's culture.  Video games have been the domain of nerds, as movies once were.  Here's the question: we now show movies in school; will we eventually assign video games in school?  Study them?  We know already that players of games like Civilization do better in history classes.  Things are happening in this field.


          The Ivies, Deresiewicz, and the Soul of Higher Education
          New Yorker, 9/1/14
          "Even in the era of fast tracks and credentialism, the psychic mechanisms of an 
          education are mysterious.  Let teachers like Deresiewicz believe.  For a couple of 
          hours every week, students are theirs in the classroom to challenge and entrance.  
          Then the clock strikes, and the kids flock back into the madness of their lives.  Did 
          the new material reach them?  Will the lesson be washed from their minds?  Who 
          knows.  They heard it.  Life will take care of the rest."

          Professor Bans Emails... And Receives Better Reviews from Students 
          Inside Higher Ed, 8/27/14
          "You should only use email as a tool to set up a one-on-one meeting with me if 
          office hours conflict with your schedule.  Use the subject line "Meeting request."  
          Emails sent for any other reason will not be considered or acknowledged.  I 
          strongly encourage you to ask questions about the syllabus and assignments during 
          class time... Our conversations should take place in person or over the phone rather 
          than via email, thus allowing us to get to know each other better and fostering a 
          more collegial learning atmosphere."


          Why Aren't Top Colleges Enrolling More Low Income Students?
          New York Times, 8/25/14


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