August 3 - August 10, 2014

So many great articles this week!

Eudora Welty's application letter to the New Yorker is a terrific reminder that doing things differently is sometimes a sign in our students (and teaching candidates) of terrific creativity and intelligence.  This letter is worth a read.

But this week may belong to cognitive science, which has a spate of articles (eleven!), many of which revolve around the cognitive benefits of breaks and play.  Plus, for procrastinators, take a look at the science, history, and philosophy of procrastination.  Or put it off for tomorrow...



          The New Republic/Ivies Flap Isn't Really About Ivies
          New Yorker, 8/5/14
          "In the background of an essay like 'Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League'--and of 
          essays like 'No Time to Think' or 'The Busy Trap.' both published in the Times--is the 
          looming presence of the arrhythmic, unreassuring modern world, which seems 
          always to be speeding things up in a seamless way.  Modernity is the sort of problem 
          that's both very old and very new."

          San Jose HS Students Petition and Crowdfund for CompSci Classes
          San Jose Mercury News, 7/21/14
          "Students aren't waiting for the system to catch up.  At Walnut Creek's Northgate, 
          students not only petitioned for a coding class, but also formed a science-technology-
          math-engineering club, then built a pipeline of future coders by engaging elementary 
          and special education classes in fun projects."


          Breaks.  They Make You Smarter and More Productive...
          Harvard Business Review, 8/4/14

          ...And While You're On Break, Try Playing.  It Helps Even More...
          NPR, 8/6/14

          ...In Fact, NPR Spent a Week Exploring Play and Learning...
          NPR, 8/4/14

          ...And Play is Good For Adults, Too.
          Creativity Post, 8/8/14

          More On How Time Off from Thinking Helps You Think Better
          Mother Jones, 8/1/14

          Meditation on Different Ways of Thinking 
          Farnam Street, 7/28/14

          On the Brain Benefits of Taking Afternoon Naps
          Brain Rules, 7/17/14

          Seven Hours of Sleep: The Optimal Amount?
          Wall Street Journal, 7/21/14

          3 Insights about Electronic vs Organic Memory
          Brilliant Blog, 8/6/14

          Here's How Game Night Helps Cognitive Function
          Atlantic, 7/16/14

          A Short History, Philosophy, and Science of Procrastination
          New Yorker, 7/22/14


          Eudora Welty's Application Letter to The New Yorker
          Brain Pickings, 5/12/14

          Is Design Thinking the Best Way to Drive Innovation in Organizations?
          Steve Blank, 7/30/14


          What Happens to People Who Go Through Coding Bootcamps?
          Course Report, 8/1/14


          Tech and Higher Ed: The Big Picture
          New York Review of Books, 8/14/14


          Was Shakespeare a Political Conservative?
          Atlantic, 8/5/14

          Milton, Locke, and Freedom of the... Internet?
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/8/14


          Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture Reduces Stress
          Harvard Business Review, 8/8/14

          Market Basket Offers a Lesson in Employee and Community Support
          Boston Globe, 8/3/14


          MIT Releases "Future of MIT Education."  See Recommendation 7.
          MIT, 7/28/14


          How Four Big Engineering Schools Are Like Hogwarts
          Quartz, 8/3/14

          Veritasium and Five Fun Physics Phenomena
          YouTube/Veritasium, 8/5/14


          UK Adults Spend More Time on Tech Than They Sleep
          BBC, 8/7/14

          Ridiculous Names: EdTech Startups or Pokemon? [Humor... ish?]
          Quizbean, 8/4/14


          A YouTube for Data Visualization
          Fast Company, 8/1/14

          Infographic Shows 2,000 Years of Cultural Migration
          Wired, 8/7/14


          A Thorough Exploration of Shortened Work Weeks
          New Yorker, 8/5/14


          Student Loan Debt Tied to Lower Health and Happiness
          Businessweek, 8/7/14

          Library Reinvention Continues.  This Time It's an LA Public School.
          EdSurge, 8/5/14

          If Knowledge is Contextual, Is This How We Should Read the News?
          Fast Company, 7/31/14

          Across Africa, Different Perceptions of the Importance of Education
          Gallup, 8/6/14

          "Pop-Up Schools" Begin Creating Classrooms Outside of School
          NPR, 7/2/14

          Teasing Apart Successful Public-Private Partnerships
          Telegraph, 2/11/14

          Tennessee Doubles Down On Cursive.  Here Are The Requirements.
          Tennessee Board of Education, 7/25/14