August 31 - September 7, 2014

Several articles on what makes great teachers, several articles on what's overhyped in education these days, and some astonishing technological developments.

Also worth perusing (in the original sense: reading carefully) is the New York Times article on Bill Gates and the development of the Big History curriculum  It describes how the course came to be and grow--an entrepreneurial and organic process--and offers a notable contrast to the top down, big budget Gates Foundation approach to the common core.  

And, an ever growing body of research about the benefits of music for learning.



          Is Verbal Ability the Best Indicator of Teacher Success?
          Forbes, 8/31/14 [Study]
          "Several decades after the Equality of Education Opportunity Study (a.k.a. the 
          Coleman Study) revealed teacher verbal competence to be a strong predictor of 
          student outcomes, an Abell Foundation study on teacher certification found that 
          'the teacher attribute found consistently to be most related to raising student 
          achievement is verbal ability.'"

          Four Characteristics of Great Teachers
          Wall Street Journal, 9/4/14
          "Clearly, great teachers begin by loving children.  But beyond that, a growing body 
          of research points to some basic tenets of top-notch instruction--including these 
          four actions and mind-sets parents can look and listen for when they visit a 
          classroom, meet an educator or review their children's schoolwork."


          Is Empathy Overhyped?  An Argument Against It (and Many For It)
          Boston Review, 8/26/14

          Grit Is Not Associated With Creativity, But Openness to New Ideas Is
          EdWeek, 8/19/14


          Poor Sleep Associated with Shrinking Brain
          New York Magazine, 9/3/14 [Study]

          The Wide (And Wacky?) World of Brain Training 
          New Yorker, 7/29/14


          Is Creativity Overhyped?  Cutting Through The...
          New Yorker, 9/2/14

          Why Do Some Families Become Families of Artists?
          New Yorker, 8/15/14


          Music Benefits Learning in Kids from All Income Backgrounds
          Pacific Standard, 9/2/14

          Yet More on How Music Helps Students In School
          EdWeek, 9/3/14


          US Demographics for the 2014-2015 School Year
          Washington Post, 9/2/14


          Big History, Bill Gates, and Changing Education
          New York Times, 9/7/14


          How Google Keeps Decision-Making Meetings From Being Un-Fun
          Fast Company, 8/26/14


          Edutopia Aggregates Their Teacher Resources for Back to School
          Edutopia, 9/4/14


          Teacher Retention Linked To Pedagogical Preparation
          EdWeek, 9/2/14 [Study]


          Hypnotizing Mathematical GIFs from a Math PhD
          io9, 8/31/14

          3D Printing Continues to Spread Into New Industries
          Fast Company, 8/27/14

          How Did Music Help Shape Modern Science?
          New Scientist, 8/25/14


          Digitally Assisted Telepathy.  It Has Arrived.
          io9, 8/31/14

          How Has Technology Changed Our Sense of Touch?
          New York Times, 8/30/14

          Florida Polytech Opens with a Bookless Library...
          The Verge, 8/31/14

          ...And Here's an Interview with the Director of Libraries
          NPR, 9/6/14

          Bad News About Light from Screens at Night
          Gigaom, 9/1/14

          Digital Textbooks Adapt to Readers' Knowledge Level
          New Scientist, 8/20/14


          At This Boston School, Teachers Make Every Decision
          KQED, 9/5/14

          Asking For Advice Gives an Impression of Greater Competency
          New York Magazine, 8/21/14

          NPR Dives Deep into the Landscape of New Orleans Schools
          NPR, 9/2/14