October 12 - October 19, 2014

Another week chock full of good material:

If you're concerned about kids and social media, the article on "Understanding Sexting" is an important one.  It offers helpful insight into the role of technology in the dating habits of teens.  It is long, but thorough, mixing narrative reporting with studies and critical perspectives.  Well worth the time for anyone interested in understanding "kids these days."

Not to be overlooked is the article about "Dear White People," a movie generating buzz for its bitingly comic treatment of racial issues at elite institutions.  I suspect we'll be hearing more about this movie in the coming weeks.

And worth highlighting is the $10K grant offered to teachers interested in experimenting with ways of teaching character traits.

Lastly, see the tech section for data on global LMS usage, on what's happening with MOOCs today, and more.



          $10K for Teachers to Experiment with Teaching Character
          Character Lab, 10/17/14
          "7 Teachers will receive a $10,000 stipend, support from Character Lab, and 
          additional funding to test their ideas for cultivating character strengths and skills in 
          schools.  Application deadline is November 2nd."

          How Young Americans Use the Library Today
          Pew Research, 9/10/14 [Study]
          "This report pulls together several years of research into the role of libraries in the 
          lives of Americans and their communities with a special focus on Millennials, a key 
          stakeholder group affecting the future of communities, libraries, book publishers, 
          and media makers of all kinds, as well as the tone of the broader culture."

          Understanding Sexting
          Atlantic, 10/14/14
          "Nighttime is the only time teens get to have intimate conversations and freely 
          navigate their social world... that means checking up on the latest drama on 
          Twitter--'Anyone still awake?' is a common post-midnight tweet--and filling up 
          their Instagram accounts, or asking a girl for a pic."


          One College Starts Coaching Students How to Break Up Better
          New York Magazine, 10/14/14


          Quizzing (Retrieval) Solidifies Learning
          KQED, 10/16/14

          What Kind of Sleep You Need, and When
          New York Times, 10/16/14

          Uh-Oh: Is the 10,000 Hour Rule... Wrong...?
          Slate, 9/28/14

          ...Or Do 10,000 Hour Rule Critics Not Understand Deliberate Practice?
          Computing Ed, 10/13/14


          4 Principles of Creativity from Steven Johnson and PBS
          Fast Company, 10/15/14

          Here are Two Search Engines for Metaphors
          Big Think, 10/2/14


          Credentials for Coding Skills: Nonprofits, Not Schools, Are Doing It
          NPR, 10/15/14

          5 Ways Music Helps Kids In School
          Wall Street Journal, 10/10/14


          Comic Satire Movie "Dear White People" Wins at Sundance
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/16/14


          Fight Short-Term Thinking: Study History
          Brain Pickings, 10/16/14

          4 Reasons to Read Great Literature
          Brain Pickings, 10/9/14


          4 Tips for Promoting Ideas In Your Organization
          Stanford Social Innovation Review, 10/16/14


          Experience First, Theory After: A Casual Essay on Schopenhauer
          Creativity Post, 10/17/14

          Teacher Creates Alternate Reality Game Based on The Odyssey
          KQED, 10/13/14


          Teaching Time to Collaborating Time: US = 7:1, Singapore = 6:5
          Edutopia, 10/16/14 [Study]


          Books vs Screens: 3 Differences in How You Read
          Mic, 9/22/14


          3D Printing... Human Skin
          Fast Company, 10/7/14

          New Gesture Interface... Using Ultrasound
          Core77, 10/16/14

          New Gesture Interface... Using Cell Signals
          Fast Company, 10/14/14

          Fun With Fibonacci and Fractals... and Primes!
          3 Quarks Daily, 10/13/14


          LMS: What is Global LMS Usage for the Past Year?
          Edutechnica, 9/23/14

          MOOCs: What is the State of the Art?
          Open Education Europa, 6/5/14 [Study]

          e-Reading: Is it Book Time or Screen Time?
          New York Times, 10/11/14

          What Role Will Digital Games Play in Learning Early Math?
          Games and Learning, 10/2/14

          One Family's One Week Screen Diet.  Here's Their Story.
          Boston Globe, 10/8/14

          The Spreadsheet Turned 35 This Week
          Quartz, 10/17/14


          Why Tone Is Tough Over Email... And How to Fix It
          Fast Company, 10/9/14


          Teacher Shadows Two Students, Finds They Sit and Listen All Day.
          Grant Wiggins, 10/10/14

          How Students Can Be Involved in Decision-Making in Education
          KQED, 10/17/14

          3 Graphs to Show Changes in the Textbook Industry
          NPR, 10/9/14

          On Giving Big Gifts to Institutions
          New York Times, 10/10/14

          The Science of How Many Friends We Can Have
          New Yorker, 10/7/14