November 16 - November 23, 2014

A Great Week:

The "teachers as performers" article has started to clarify for me how lectures, active learning, and inspiration might fit together.  We're in an active learning era, and surely it's best, but lectures aren't entirely wrong.  What is the balance?

Also notable is Gallup's survey indicating that applied internships increase engagement in people's professional work in the future.  To what degree can we incorporate lessons from this in our schools?

And, I find most critical thinking frameworks to be cumbersome, or otherwise not very useful for their abstraction.  The student-generated map published in Psychology Today, however, was practical and descriptive, something that might directly inform decision-making while teaching.

Lastly, this week has a wealth of compelling writing on the value of diversity in teams and organizations.  This is a good reminder for schools.



          Why We're Seeing An (Affluent) Adolescent Mental Health Implosion
          Psychology Today, 11/5/13
          "The high rate of maladjustment among affluent adolescents is strikingly 
          counterintuitive.  There is a tacit assumption--even among those most affected--
          that education and money procure well-being, and that if children falter, they will 
          swiftly get the appropriate services.  Education and money may once have served 
          as buffers against distress, but that is no longer the case.  Something fundamental 
          has changed: The evidence suggests that the privileged young are much more 
          vulnerable today than in previous generations."

          Are We Losing Sight of the Ideas That Shaped the Humanities?
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/21/14
          "We have shifted our focus from the meaning of ideas to the means by which 
          they're produced.  The same questions that always intrigued us--What is justice?  
          What is the good life?  What is morally valid?  What is free will?--take a back seat 
          to the biases embedded in our neural circuitry.  Instead of grappling with the gods, 
          we seem to be more interested in the topography of Mt. Olympus."

          Does "Teacher As Performer" Contradict Student-Centered Learning?
          KQED, 11/19/14
          "The performance question has gotten caught up in this fight between active 
          learning and lecturing.  'We assume that performance only relates to the passive 
          delivery.  And thus it should be discarded along with the lecture,' says Robert Lue, 
          the faculty director of Harvard University's Derek Bok Center for Teaching and 
          Learning.  Lue is a big fan of honing a teacher's performance gene.  He insists the 
          absolute best active learning teachers have it too."


          Embrace Failure... Or Transcend It?
          Creativity Post, 11/17/14


          Do Poor Circadian Rhythms Actively Inhibit Learning and Memory?
          Stanford, 11/17/14

          Looks Like Online Brain Training Games May Not Do Much
          Pacific Standard, 11/18/14


          Political Correctness Boosts Creativity in Group Work
          Cornell, 11/3/14

          Kindness Kills Creativity; Criticism Helps It Grow.  (Sometimes.)
          Creativity Post, 11/21/14

          Keep It Loose, Keep It Creative
          Brain Pickings, 11/9/14

          Clayton Christensen Defends Disruption, Describes Modularity
          Business Insider, 10/28/14


          Map: How Students Describe Critical Thinking
          Psychology Today, 10/31/14

          USC Adds A Degree In World Building
          Fast Company, 11/18/14

          Coding Courses Are Even Being Offered in Prison
          EdSurge, 11/18/14

          Applied Internships Increase Emotional Engagement in Future Work
          Gallup, 11/20/14


          Gender Gap Growing in Music Classes: Band, Chorus, Etc
          Pacific Standard, 11/19/14

          Claude Steele Shares Origin of the Idea of Stereotype Threat
          Harvard, 11/7/14

          Diverse Groups Make Better Financial Decisions
          New York Times, 11/17/14


          Helen Vendler on the Need for More Humanities Students
          New Republic, 11/20/14

          Nat'l Book Award Winner on Writing as Art, Not Commodity [Video]
          National Book Foundation/YouTube, 11/20/14


          At What Age Are We Most Innovative?
          Harvard Business Review, 11/20/14

          Recommendations on How and When to Take Risks
          Gallup, 11/21/14

          Elements of Engaging Leadership
          Harvard Business Review, 11/7/14

          10 Character Traits for Entrepreneurial Success
          Gallup, 5/6/14


          Broad-Reaching Report on Digital Games in Education
          KQED, 11/18/14


          $10 Robot Teaches Kids the Basics of Coding
          Wired, 11/21/14

          3D Printing Is Now Changing Medicine
          New Yorker, 11/24/14

          How Texting Affects Your Spine
          Quartz, 11/19/14

          9 Year Old Maker Makes His Own Prosthetic Arm
          Atlantic, 11/13/14

          Machines Can Analyze Pictures Using Words and Phrases
          Stanford, 11/18/14

          3 Ways To Use Data in Decision-Making
          Misc Magazine, 11/20/14

          More Colleges Offer AP Courses Through EdX
          Cooper Union, 11/17/14

          Another Site Curating the Web's Education Resources
          Curiosity, 11/11/14


          Sitting All Day Also Correlates With Poor Mental health
          New York Magazine, 11/21/14

          Meditation on "The Disease of Being Busy"
          On Being, 11/6/14


          Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Year: "Vape"
          Oxford Dictionaries, 11/17/14

          More Libraries Are Pivoting Towards Digital Workspaces
          KQED, 11/20/14

          Who Are the Millennials?
          NPR, 11/18/14

          Maps About the Growth and Diversity of Language
          Vox, 11/17/14

          Elon Musk Recommends 12 Books
          Farnam Street, 11/12/14

          Software Engineers Are In So Much Demand, They Now Have Agents
          New Yorker, 11/24/14

          Earlier School Start Times Correlate with Increased Teen Car Crashes
          New York Magazine, 11/17/14