November 9 - November 16, 2014

Great selection this week:

This week's feature article on imitation starts out like any other article on creativity, but takes some thoughtful turns, affirming the cultural value of staying the course more than innovating.

Worth noting is the Atlantic article from this past June indicating that whatever our intent may be, kids are getting the message that achievement is more important than empathy.  Though the article came out over the summer (perhaps because it came out over the summer), it's just now getting some buzz.  Reviving this article makes the next article in character also relevant: on how to teach empathy and kindness to kids.

An eclectic mix of other topics, too: sleep, diversity, edtech, and more...


          Imitation: Source of Human Creativity, Dominance... and Struggle
          Aeon, 11/6/14
          "Accurate transmission of information had a massive impact on the outcome: with 
          this model, increasing the fidelity of cultural transmission just a bit yielded huge 
          increases in the amount and variety of culture. 'It doesn't matter how much novel 
          invention or refinement is going on: if you don't have accurate transmission you 
          simply cannot build up culture,' says Laland. 'It was a real insight.'"

          Does ADHD Require a Fix?  A New Take on Natural Solutions
          New York Times, 10/31/14
          "From the standpoint of teachers, parents and the world at large, the problem with 
          people with A.D.H.D. looks like a lack of focus and attention and impulsive 
          behavior.  But if you have the 'illness,' the real problem is that, to your brain, the 
          world that you live in essentially feels not very interesting."

          A Look at Teacher Training Nationwide [Paywall]
          New York Review of Books, 12/4/14
          "What is the matter with teacher preparation and how can we make it better?  
          ...Green's thesis is simple: most teachers are never actually taught how to teach.  
          After encountering a very thin introduction to the theory and practice of teaching 
          at education schools, they're sent into classrooms to learn on the job.  What should 
          be encouraging is that we now have a strong body of knowledge about how good 
          teaching happens and--even more--about how to help people do it."


          Reducing Student Choice Reduces Cliques
          Stanford, 11/6/14


          Character Education Has a Conference. See the Presentations Here.
          Center for Curriculum Redesign, 11/7/14

          A Long Meditation Against Productivity... and For Presence
          Medium, 11/7/14

          Achievement or Empathy?  Kids Think the Former Is More Important
          Atlantic, 6/25/14

          How to Raise Kids With a Focus On Empathy and Kindness
          Washington Post, 7/18/14


          Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep
          Harvard Business Review, 11/10/14

          More Studies: Kids Need to Sleep In.  Start Time: 8:30am or Later.
          Pacific Standard, 11/7/14

          A Natural History of Sleep
          Aeon, 11/7/14

          New Font to Make Reading Easier for Dyslexics
          Boston Globe, 11/12/14


          Jony Ive on the Creative Process, and Imitation... err.. Theft
          Dezeen, 11/13/14

          Creativity and "Psychological Androgyny"
          Brain Pickings, 11/7/14


          5 Strategies for Fostering Friendships Across Races
          Berkeley, 11/12/14

          The Data on Workplace Diversity: Benefits, Challenges, Case Studies
          Communications of the ACM, 11/1/14

          Deep Dive Into the History and Cultural Contexts of the N-Word
          Washington Post, 11/9/14


          Junot Diaz and Other Writers Look Back at Their Early Work
          New York Times, 11/6/14

          Telegraph Literature.  Who Knew It Was (So Relevant) A Genre?
          Slate, 11/11/14


          A Visualization of the Inquiry Process
          KQED, 10/24/13

          College Professors Are Moving Away From the Lecture
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/13/14


          Neuroscience Says Reading Suspense Is... More... Suspenseful...
          Fast Company, 11/7/14


          In Case You Didn't Know, Global Water Is An Issue.
          Stanford, 11/10/14


          Yale to Livestream Harvard's Intro to Computer Science Course?
          Harvard Crimson, 11/9/14

          There Are Over 3,000,000,000 Internet Users
          Internet Live Stats, 11/15/14

          British Museum Lets You 3D Print Famous Works of Art
          Fast Company, 11/3/14

          Texting Is Now Dominant Mode of Communication Among Teens
          Gallup, 11/10/14

          What's the State of Open Education Resources (OER)?
          EdSurge, 10/29/14


          The Morning Holds Your Two Most Productive Hours
          New York Magazine, 11/10/14

          Open Office Plan or Not?
          New York Times, 11/9/14

          8 Tips for Time Management
          Betabeat, 11/5/14


          E-Cigarette Use Triples from 2011, from 1.5% to 4.5% of Teens
          EdWeek, 11/14/14

          London's Taxi Test: Archaic, or a Reminder of How We Should Test?
          New York Times, 11/10/14

          10 Tips For a Happy Life... From the Pope!
          The Higher Learning, 7/31/14