December 14 - December 21, 2014

If you haven't yet committed to promoting 3D printing somewhere in your school (a club, in the curriculum, elsewhere), perhaps the story of NASA astronauts printing tools on the International Space Station will convince you that 3D printing will change lives in the future.  It's a good idea to get our students into it.

What creates pace problems?  This week's feature article on time suggests that our frenetic lives are due to an unpredictable future, our overstimulated attentions, and the end of boundaries in our lives.  A thought-provoking read.

Also, a study by Harvard GSE found that not only did teachers prefer to submit video recordings of classes for observations rather than having observations in person, but they also got more out of the experience.

Lastly, in this age of the online marketplace, online reviews as venues for authentic writing assignments seems a boon to English and language teachers.  Let's create assignments around these online spaces.


          Understanding Pace: Time, Attention, and Boundaries
          N+1, 12/1/14
          "If in classical modernity people could imagine their lives in intergenerational 
          terms... in late capitalism, turnover is so accelerated that it becomes hard to 
          imagine one's life course even within a few years, let alone a few generations. This 
          in turn drives a sense of the acceleration of the 'pace of life,' the psychological 
          feeling of always being out of breath."

          Word Problems: Teach Them First. They Aid Understanding.
          EdWeek, 11/19/14
          "Students were more likely to even try to answer a word problem than an equation.  
          Working through narrative problems also made students feel more empowered to 
          explore different methods of solving a problem, rather than following a single 
          sample process."

          Astronaut On Space Station Needs A Wrench, So He Prints One
          IFL Science, 12/19/14
          "'The socket wrench we just manufactured is the first object we designed on the 
          ground and sent digitally to space, on the fly' he adds.  It's a lot faster to send data 
          wirelessly on demand than to wait for a physical object to arrive via rockets, which 
          can take months or even years."

          Teachers Are Among The Biggest Consumers of MOOCs
          MIT Technology Review, 12/15/14
          "For all the focus on the role of MOOCs in higher education, they might have a 
          significant role to play in high schools and below.  Teachers are already a big 
          audience (a study of 11 MOOCs offered by MIT last spring found that nearly 28 
          percent of enrollees were former or active teachers)."


          E-Cigarettes Now More Common Among Teens Than Cigarettes
          New York Times, 12/17/14


          How Accurate Is Data On Student Non-Cognitive Skills?
          Brookings Institute, 12/18/14


          A Reminder To Kill Your Darlings
          Farnam Street, 12/10/14

          Book Recommendations For Fostering Innovation
          Ryan Bretag, 12/10/14


          At This Charter School, Every Student Sings And Learns Music
          New York Times, 12/19/14

          What Culture Translates Its Language The Most? [Interactive]
          MIT Media Lab, 12/14/14


          What Early Childhood Experiences Influence Teenage Socialization?
          NPR, 12/19/14


          On Historical Thinking And The Importance Of Practicing Research
          American Scholar, 12/10/14

          A Young Ian McKellen Close Reads Macbeth's 'Tomorrow' Speech
          YouTube/Royal Shakespeare Company, 5/24/12


          Do Great Leaders Have A 'Bias For Action'?
          Harvard, 11/6/14


          6 Types of Questions For Discussion
          University of Michigan, 12/20/14


          Surprisingly(?), Teachers Prefer Recording Class To Being Observed
          Harvard, 12/10/14

          "Close To Practice" PD Is Best.  What Is It?
          Educational Leadership, 12/1/14


          Why It's "A Historic" Not "An Historic."  (Finally!)
          Washington Post, 12/1/14

          Online Review Sites Like Yelp Foster Creative, Purposeful Writing
          Fast Company, 12/17/14


          A Game For Testing Creativity And Persistence In Physics
          KQED, 12/16/14

          Nobel-Winning Scientist Wears Dress Decorated Like A Neuron
          Mary Sue, 12/19/14


          LMS 2014 Year In Review
          Edutechnica, 12/17/14

          A Spanish Company 3D Prints Holiday Cookies
          Reuters, 12/18/14

          Elevators That Move Horizontally As Well As Vertically
          io9, 12/15/14


          NASA Has A Visual Style Guide
          Fast Company, 12/15/14 [PDF Download]


          More Than The Standing Desk: The Standing (And Leaning) Office
          Fast Company, 12/15/14


          Can Restorative Justice Reduce Suspensions?
          NPR, 12/17/14

          A Library Reinvents Itself: Intellectual Without Being Academic
          CityLab, 12/18/14

          Another Critique Of Clayton Christensen's Disruption Theory
          Stratechery, 9/22/13

          On Being Yourself
          New York Times, 12/15/14

          The Science Behind Giving Good Gifts
          New York Magazine, 12/12/14