December 21 - December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays this week!

A slim issue, but still plenty of updates, including on our students' family demographics, on AP Computer Science numbers, on growing 3D printing opportunities and more.

Of particular interest might be the growing understanding (and recognition of our lack of understanding) of the effects of screen time.  See the tech section for two interesting articles there.

It might also be particularly interesting to consider this week's Professional Development article and Leadership article in the context of the other.  How can we assess our own teaching in multiple contexts?  How might we apply the measures from the Leadership article to our own professional development?  Plenty of opportunity there.

But, for now, enjoy the holidays, and see you in the new year!


          Reading Aloud In Class Might Not Help Learning.  Here Are Alternatives.
          Edutopia, 12/1/14
          "Of the thirty-odd studies and articles I've consumed on the subject, only one 
          graduate research paper claimed a benefit to RRR [Round Robin Reading: taking 
          turns reading in class] or its variations... Katherine Hilden and Jennifer Jones' 
          criticism is unmitigated: 'We know of no research that supports the claim that RRR 
          actually contributes to students becoming better readers, either in terms of their 
          fluency or comprehension.' ...Silent/independent reading should occur far more 
          frequently as students advance into the later grades."


          Only 46% of Kids Live With 'Traditional' Parents
          MarketWatch, 12/24/14


          Growth Mindset Efforts Drive Progress Online and Offline
          EdSurge, 7/24/14


          National Geographic Runs A Special On Sleep [Video]
          National Geographic, 12/7/14

          Executive Function And Learning (And Aging)
          Harvard, 1/1/15

          We Might Be Able To Recover Lost Memories... (In Snails)
          Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence, 12/22/14


          11 Ways To Stoke Your Creativity
          Fast Company, 12/22/14


          AP Computer Science Still Low In Female And Minority Students
          EdSurge, 12/23/14


          Shakespeare's Sonnets Have A Long Narrative Arc
          Harvard, 1/1/15


          Measures For Managing Innovation In Your Organization
          Harvard Business Review, 12/12/14


          College Lecture Halls Adopt HS Pedagogy... To Growing Effect
          New York Times, 12/26/14


          Three Levels For Gathering Data
          National Staff Development Council, 9/1/08


          Writers On Writing In 2014: Yiyun Li, David Mitchell, Jane Smiley...
          Atlantic, 12/22/14

          In Defense of Clich├ęs
          Irish Times, 12/22/14


          Best Science Essays of 2014
          National Geographic, 12/23/14


          Screens Before Bed Inhibit Sleep and Dreams
          Vox, 12/22/14

          Is Early Childhood Screen Time OK After All?  (It Depends.)
          NPR, 12/26/14

          Laptops/PCs vs Tablets: The Products and Debate Evolve
          New York Times, 12/24/14

          Mobile Device Use For Work = More Stress, But Better Satisfaction
          Gallup, 5/2/14

          The Near Future of Speech Recognition Software
          Bloomberg, 12/23/14

          Barilla Makes 3D Printers For Pasta
          Engadget, 12/22/14

          How The Internet Works: Why It's Fast And Slow
          Quartz, 3/21/14


          A Distillation Of Productive Daily Habits
          Fast Company, 11/19/14

          Paternity Leave: An International Look At Its Economic Benefits
          Quartz, 9/24/14

          On The Need For More Time For Teachers
          Washington Post, 12/22/14


          Christmas Carol Data Visualization
          Some E-Cards, 12/19/14

          Helicopter Parenting: US vs. France
          Quartz, 11/21/14

          A Satellite Picture Geography Game: Can You Identify This Place?
          Quartz, 1/1/14