December 7 - December 14, 2014

Another busy week!

Audrey Watters' featured Year in Review discusses the risks of focusing on Skills in education.  She looks specifically at the emergence of skills-based coding bootcamps.  It's interesting to consider the degree to which this applies to skills broadly in a curriculum.

Also worth a look is Watters' deep dive into the current state of MOOCs.

But don't stop there; there's also good practical cognitive science advice in this issue as well as a remarkable range of perspectives on tech in education, as well.  Enjoy!


          2014 Year In Review: (How) Should We Teach (Coding) Skills?
          Hack Education, 12/13/14
          "The bootcamp certification -- its prestige, its worth -- will be an interesting thing 
          to gauge in the coming years.  Outside the tech sector (perhaps), it's not clear that 
          having a certificate in a particular field is actually that helpful... But the benefit to 
          students is hardly the point here, is it.  The benefit is to this massive industry that 
          furthers a story that you must have a degree and now, increasingly, that you must 
          have 'skills.'  Best prepared to deliver 'skills' are not those old liberal arts colleges.
          It's the giant for-profit higher education sector."

          Pixar's Andrew Stanton On What Makes Good Stories
          Farnam Street, 11/30/14
          "Storytelling... [is] knowing your punchline, your ending, knowing that everything 
          you're saying, from the first sentence to the last, is leading to a singular goal, and 
          ideally confirming some truth that deepens our understandings of who we are as 
          human beings."


          10 College Admission Trends
          LinkedIn, 12/3/14


          Our Memory Is Fallible.  It Sometimes Changes What Happened
          New York Times, 12/1/14

          Reading Increases Empathy
          Mic, 11/21/14

          Kids Need to Move During The Day.  What Does That Look Like?
          Washington Post, 12/3/14


          Forgetting Can Be Helpful To Your Creativity
          Fast Company, 12/3/14


          Students at Independent Schools Celebrate Diversity on Tumblr
          Faces of Private Schools, 12/9/14


          Malala Yousafzai's Speech at Nobel Prize Acceptance Ceremony
          YouTube/News World, 12/10/14


          Tips for Good One-On-One Meetings
          Popforms, 9/30/14


          How Technology Will And Won't Change Education [Video]
          Veritasium/YouTube, 12/1/14

          2014 Year In Review: Competency-Based Education
          Hack Education, 12/13/14


          4 Ways To Support PD
          EdSurge, 12/9/14


          Writing Online Was How Ayesha Siddiqi Developed Her Voice
          Guardian, 12/9/14

          An Argument for Aggressive Annotation
          New York Review of Books, 12/3/14


          We're A Step Closer to Optical Computing
          Fast Company, 12/8/14

          What Khan Academy Does and Doesn't Do, An Analysis
          Dy/dan, 12/4/14

          Einstein's Papers Are Now Available Online
          New York Times, 12/4/14


          25 Tools for Teaching With YouTube
          Teachthought, 12/11/14

          2014 Year In Review: State of the MOOC
          Hack Education, 12/13/14

          Video Games As College Sports... Are Growing
          New York Times, 12/8/14


          The First Two Hours Of The Day Are Your Most Productive
          99u, 12/8/14

          Not Everything On That To-Do List Needs To Be Done
          99u, 12/10/14


          Why Advisory Groups Work, And A List of Advisory Models
          Coalition of Essential Schools, 3/14/02

          Does Punishment For Lying Lead To More Lying?
          Pacific Standard, 12/9/14

          To Achieve A Vision: WOOP, There It Is
          New York Magazine, 12/9/14

          Teacher Proposes Public-Private Partnership.  Comments Get Feisty.
          Honolulu Civil Beat, 12/1/14