November 30 - December 7, 2014

A big week on many fronts:

Current events as charged as they are, it's almost too early to "teach" students about Ferguson--and now Long Island.  Instead, teachers across the country are working simply on how to help students talk about race.  This week includes a few of last week's resources about Ferguson, some additional materials that also apply to the Eric Garner case, and more.

Also worth reading is the feature article from EdWeek about the effect of studying the Arts.  This is complemented well by the new, free chapter about music from "Brain Rules." It's a free download with the code: "holiday2014" -- Another reminder of why strengthening the arts in schools is important.


          Finally, A Study About the Importance of Experiencing the Arts
          EdWeek, 12/3/14
          "The results across our two experiments were remarkably consistent: These cultural 
          experiences improve students'... desire to become cultural consumers in the future.
          Exposure to the arts also affects the values of young people, making them more 
          tolerant and empathetic... Arts experiences boost critical thinking, teaching 
          students to take the time to be more careful and thorough in how they observe the 
          world.  Noticing details in paintings during a school tour, for example, helps train 
          students to consider details in the future."

          Lena Dunham Talks About Being Creative
          Slate, 12/3/14
          "My parents taught me that you can have a creative approach to thinking that is 
          almost scientific... You don't have to be at the mercy of the muse.  You need your 
          own internalized thinking process that you can perform again and again... 
          Everything that I do comes out of writing.  It's the genesis point... You go within 
          yourself, wrestle with your demons, scribble some stuff up and come out with a 
          vision of what the world is like.  It is close to being a painter."

          A History of Race, A Definition of Racism, And How to Write History
          Five Books, 5/20/14
          "Racism is a prejudice... coupled with discriminatory action.  It's a very simple 
          definition, it took me a long time to arrive at it, but it is composed of those two 
          parts.  You need to have prejudices concerning a certain group of human beings -- 
          to whom you attribute mental and physical features reproduced from generation to 
          generation -- coupled with discriminatory action.  If you only have prejudices, you 
          don't have racism."


          Is Resilience Determined By Genetics?
          New York Times, 11/28/14


          To Remember Something, Test Yourself On It
          BBC, 12/2/14

          'Brain Rules' Author Writes a Chapter About Music [Download PDF] 
          Pear Press, 12/1/14 [Use code: "holiday2014"]

          Reflection With Others Aids Performance
          Atlantic, 5/15/14


          Most of What Is Needed Is Dispelling Rumor And Sharing Fact
          Wall Street Journal, 12/4/14

          Dos and Don'ts for Talking About Brown/Garner
          The Root, 9/2/14

          Some Basics For Holding Charged Discussions In Class
          Edutopia, 9/10/14

          Again, A Crowdsourced List of Lessons for Talking About Ferguson
          Google Docs, 12/7/14

          A Collection of Resources About Race/Racism
          Larry Ferlazzo, 5/5/14

          A Collection of Writing/Articles About The Events In Ferguson
          Larry Ferlazzo, 11/25/14

          On Talking About Race With White Kids
          New York Times, 11/25/14

          Twitter Has A Hashtag for This: #FergusonSyllabus
          Twitter, 12/7/14


          Harvard Releases Data from Study of Lecture Attendance
          Harvard, 11/1/14


          'Reading Like a Historian,' An Approach To Teaching History
          Stanford, 11/26/14

          Should the Supreme Court Archive Justices' Personal Papers?
          New Yorker, 12/1/14

          On the Psychology of 'Serial,' An Audio Serial Narrative
          New York Magazine, 12/5/14


          On How To Best Engage Your Faculty In School Service
          Harvard, 12/3/14

          What A Driver Of Innovation Should Do At Your School
          Harvard Business Review, 11/26/14


          Another Benefit of Mindfulness: Reduced Racial Bias
          Pacific Standard, 12/2/14

          Meditation Leaders to Gray Matter Brain Changes In Only 8 Weeks
          Harvard, 1/21/11


          Make Fractals Dance With Code and Motion Capture
          Wired, 12/4/14

          A Look At The Future Of Private-Public Space Exploration
          Bloomberg, 12/3/14


          Less Email = Less Stress
          New York Magazine, 12/4/14

          ChromeBooks Surpass iPads In New Shipments to Schools
          Forbes, 12/1/14

          6 Key Insights From EdX's Global Forum: How Teaching Is Evolving
          Inside Higher Ed, 11/23/14

          EdX Offers First High Course: AP Physics Mechanics C
          MIT OpenCourseWare, 12/4/14

          Here's What We Currently Know About Internet Addiction [Not Much]
          New Yorker, 11/26/14

          What Are The Inherent Biases In Social Media Demographics?
          Fast Company, 12/2/14

          2014 Year In Review: The Business of Ed Tech
          Hack Education, 12/4/14


          Against the Open Office Plan, Decisively
          New Yorker, 1/7/14

          8 Ways to Say No
          Farnam Street, 11/23/14


          On Using Student Data Beyond the Classroom
          New York Times, 12/3/14

          What's Going On With High School Football Deaths?
          USA Today, 11/30/14

          Map and Timeline of 2014 Student Protests
          Student Activism, 12/4/14

          Spotify Shares Music Trends from 2014
          Spotify, 12/1/14