December 28, 2014 - January 4, 2015

It's the New Year!  Why not share this newsletter with someone you think might like it?  This week:

NPR's article on socio-emotional learning offers a reminder that the interpersonal work of teaching and learning is the key to better classrooms and a better future.  This is the heart of what we do, but it's also the hardest part of what we do, the part that technology can't replace.

Also, news of the death of MOOCs is premature.  (News of the death of college was foolish.)  Take a look at "Imperatives for Research In Online Education" for how the field of online educational research is evolving.

Many good headlines this week.  Thanks as always for your article recommendations, feedback, and newsletter suggestions!


          Deresiewicz Returns: The Evolution of the Artist-Now-Entrepreneur
          Atlantic, 12/28/14
          "What we see in the new paradigm--in both the artist's external relationships and
           her internal creative capacity--is what we see throughout the culture: the
           displacement of depth by breadth.  Is that a good thing or a bad things?  No doubt
           some of both, in a ratio that's yet to be revealed.  What seems more clear is that the
           new paradigm is going to reshape the way that artists are trained."

          Ed-Tech Experts Re-Examine What Works
          Hack Education, 12/29/14
          "My rules have crumbled, as has my interest -- or hell, even belief -- in ed-tech
           startups.  Despite the mythology of 'disruptive innovation,' the most innovative
           initiatives in education technology aren't coming from startups.  They aren't
           incubated in Silicon Valley.  They don't emerge from the tech industry.  In fact,
           many of the ed-tech startup ideas that are developed there are at best laughable,
           at worst horrifying."


          Is Socio-Emotional Learning The Key To Better Education?
          NPR, 12/31/14


          Recognizing And Supporting Strong Auditory Processors
, 9/16/13


          On Using Coding To Teach Creativity
          EdSurge, 12/26/14


          The Changing Racial Demographics Of Marriage
          Brookings Institute, 12/18/14


          An Argument For Teaching More Fairy Tales
          New Statesman, 12/22/14

          In Defense of Homer
          New York Times, 12/28/14

          Famous Writers Play Taboo [Humor]
          New Yorker, 1/1/15

          How Will Languages Evolve In The Coming Century?
          Wall Street Journal, 1/2/15


          China's Most Extreme Test Prep School
          New York Times, 12/31/14

          Korean Test Prep Culture Produces Millionaire Teachers
          Washington Post, 12/30/14


          50 Ways To Check For Understanding
          Edutopia, 7/30/14


          NPR Hosts A Write-In Grammar Hall Of Shame
          NPR, 12/30/14


          Refuting the NYT Article Claiming 'Americans Stink At Math'
          Brookings, 8/7/14

          7 Apps For Teaching Kids To Code
          Edutopia, 10/10/13


          The State Of MOOCs: 2014
          EdSurge, 12/26/14

          Research Imperatives For MOOCs And Online Education
          Science, 1/2/15

          Before Google: Remembering the Reference Librarian
          NPR, 12/28/14


          9 Imaginative Maps From 2014
          Fast Company, 12/24/14

          The Best Design Books of 2014
          Fast Company, 12/31/14


          NPR Gathers 15 Predictions for Education in 2015
          NPR, 1/3/15

          The Evolution Of A Blogging Educator
          e-Literate, 12/22/14

          Instead Of Yearlong Resolutions, Try 90 Day Resolutions
          Fast Company, 12/30/14

          The Tyranny of Copyright Extensions
          Center for the Study of Public Domain, 1/1/15