January 11 - January 18, 2015

This week's feature article on integrating the arts into the curriculum focuses on elementary schools, but I wonder how the model might apply to secondary classrooms as well.  The pedagogical purposes are the same; it seems it would only take some deliberate thinking to apply the lessons.

Also this week: some fresh thinking on creativity as problem solving in different contexts, perspectives on social media, and a pleasant and interesting take on overcoming fear.



          Can You Overcome Fear Of Failure By Pursuing Rejection?
          NPR, 1/16/15
          "Jason kept on seeking out rejection.  And as he did, he found that people were 
          actually more receptive to him, and he was more receptive to people, too. 'I was 
          able to approach people, because what are you gonna do, reject me?  Great!'"

          On Integrating Arts Into The Curriculum
          KQED, 1/13/15
          "Art is not a second thought at the Integrated Arts Academy (IAA).  Instead, artistic
          learning goals are held up as equals to academic standards and teachers work hard 
          to design lessons that highlight content through art.  'If you pick a subject area like 
          science, social studies, math or literacy and you integrate it with an art form, what 
          you do is connect the two and find ways to really integrate the two so they lean on 
          each other,' said Judy Klima, an integrated arts coach at IAA."


          A Short History Of Phrenology, IQ Testing, And Standardized Testing
          Pacific Standard, 1/13/15


          OECD Report On Teaching Character
          OECD, 12/1/14

          Taking The "vs" Out Of "Content vs Character"
          Brookings, 1/13/15


          Closing Your Eyes Helps Retrieval (...Surprise?)
          New York Magazine, 1/16/15


          To Be Creative, Focus On Solving Problems, Not Being Creative
          Harvard Business Review, 10/22/14

          Apple Exec: Design Is Problem Solving With Changing Constraints
          99u, 1/13/15


          On Using Data To Address Racial Imbalance In Discipline Cases
          Stanford, 12/17/14


          Memorizing Poems: The Value of Spoken Words In Modern Times
          Poetry Magazine, 1/5/15

          Hymn To Teaching English
          The Millions, 1/16/15


          Sustain Passion By Facilitating Your Employees' Goals
          Harvard Business Review, 1/14/15

          12 Aspects of Enviable Work Culture
          Fast Company, 1/12/15

          On Mission Statements As Fundamental Principles
          Peter Gow, 1/10/15


          Spacing Out Is Good For You.  Here's A Challenge To Do It More
          NPR, 1/12/15


          More Teacher Created Materials Means More Teacher Engagement
          EdWeek, 1/13/15


          Reading "For Fun" Drops Nearly 10% Among Kids In 4 Years
          Guardian, 1/9/15

          Dictionaries For Kids Are Replacing Nature Words With Tech Words
          Guardian, 1/13/15

          Context Matters: Why Students Are Choosing Books Over eBooks
          Discover, 6/17/14


          When Fibonacci Sculptures Are Synchronized With Strobe Lights
          Pier 9, 1/12/15

          New Fractals: Elegant Variations On The Golden Section
          Guardian, 1/13/15


          The Numbers On Adult Social Media Use in 2014
          Pew Internet, 1/9/15

          How Social Media Affects Stress In Adults
          Pew Internet, 1/15/15

          A Reminder That Teens Use Social Media Differently
          Medium, 1/12/15

          Algorithmic Sorting Of Human Teaching.  Does It Work?
          NPR, 1/12/15


          More Than Half Of US Public School Students Considered In Poverty
          New York Times, 1/16/15