February 1 - February 8, 2015

A small but good collection this week.  If you're interested in the state of tech in education, don't miss the Babson report on Online Learning.

Otherwise, the feature article prompts us to think about movement as a sophisticated teaching tool rather than a cheap way to be engaging.  A worthy read.



          Ways To Incorporate Movement Into Classes
          Washington Post, 1/19/15
          "Inviting students to participate physically can feel like inviting classroom chaos, 
          and it's critical to recognize and respect that when teachers ask students to 
          participate physically, we're asking them to complete far more complex, demanding 
          work than just sitting and listening."


          On Why Teenage Brains Grow Slowly, And What That Means
          NPR, 1/28/15


          Dominic Randolph And The State of Character Education
          Brookings, 10/22/14

          Nicholas Kristof On How To Build Empathy
          New York Times, 1/29/15

          A Story Of Persistence: Selling A Cartoon To The New Yorker
          NPR, 1/25/15


          Does Being Bilingual Actually Have Cognitive Benefits?
          New Yorker, 1/22/15

          Emotion Amplifies Memories, But Clouds Detail
          New Yorker, 2/4/15

          What Do Circadian Rhythms Say Is The Ideal Sleep Schedule?
          Harvard Business Review, 1/28/15


          Boost Creativity By Considering Your Many Roles
          Pacific Standard, 1/29/15

          Is Your Network The Best Predictor Of Success And Creativity?
          Business Insider, 1/20/15


          Writing Personal Narratives Improves Happiness And Motivation
          New York Times, 1/19/15

          On The Power Of Traveling Abroad
          Atlantic, 12/1/14


          A Deep Dive Into The Importance Of Talking With And To Young Kids
          New Yorker, 1/12/15


          Harper Lee To Publish Sequel To To Kill A Mockingbird
          Smithsonian, 2/3/15

          Tribute To A High School English Teacher
          Slate, 1/29/15


          Engagement At Work Depends On Non-Work Lifestyles
          Harvard Business Review, 1/13/15

          3 Organizational Attributes Necessary For Sustaining Innovation
          Harvard Business Review, 1/14/15


          How Improv Can Help Teaching
          KQED, 1/30/15


          Even The Business World  Recognizes The Power Of Metaphor
          Harvard Business Review, 11/17/14


          Sometimes Tech Helps Learning.  Sometimes It Doesn't.
          New York Times, 1/30/15

          Is Google Abandoning Organizing The World's Information?
          Medium, 1/28/15

          Babson Research Group Releases 2014 Report On Online Learning
          PRNewsWire, 2/5/15


          KQED: What's Emerging In Education Today
          KQED, 1/22/15

          Barriers To And Misconceptions About Public-Private Partnerships
          Atlantic, 1/21/15

          Is Quidditch A Sport?  See The Documentary...
          Vice, 1/16/15

          Anthropology Of Childhood: There's No Best Way To Raise A Child
          New York Times, 1/31/15

          How To Choose The Perfect Board Game [Flowchart]
          Silver Oak Casino, 1/1/13