February 22 - March 1, 2015

Lots of good news this week, from things small (microdegrees and microschools), to how to be a good colleague, to unschooling, to the rise of solar.

Particularly worth poring through, though, is the feature post on professional development from the Gates Foundation.  It's a rich vein of research for teachers and administrators alike for how to design good professional development experiences.  

Additionally, a good spread of posts on creativity.  The Lego article describes their skunkworks operation, called Future Lab, and the two articles on the subject section take two different looks at creative people and teams.  The Lego article offers many insights, including an interesting parallel; if we want to understand how kids use technology (or do their work), we should watch and study them while they do their work.  Until then, it's guesswork...



          Gates Foundation Report On Professional Development: What Works
          Gates Foundation, 12/5/14
          "Teachers and Administrators share similar perspectives about the ideal 
          professional learning experience.  When asked what effective professional 
          development looks like, teacher describe learning that is relevant, hands-on, and 
          sustained over time.  District and school administrators have a similar view of what 
          good professional development looks like.  But there is a real disconnect between 
          teachers' satisfaction with the professional development they are now offered by 
          their school or district and the areas where district leaders think they should focus 
          more professional learning time."

          Inside Lego's Renaissance: How They Keep The Creativity Coming
          Fast Company, 1/8/15
          "[Growth] required figuring out what a modern Lego should even be, which
           Knudstorp accomplished in part by investing in a kind of research the company
           had never done before--deep ethnographic studies of how kids around the world
           really play.  Today, Lego may know as much about that subject as any organization
           on earth."


          Challenges For Asian Americans During Admission Season
          LA Times, 2/21/15


          Some Pushback Against Grit.  Is It Racist?
          EdWeek, 1/24/15


          Time To Get Over Learning Styles?  Evidence Doesn't Support Them.
          New York Times, 2/25/15


          4 Tips For Developing Individual Creativity; 3 Tips For Teams
          Harvard Business Review, 2/23/15

          18 Habits Identified With Being Creative
          Huffington Post, 3/4/14


          Vocational Training For All?
          NPR, 2/24/15


          How We Talk Differently About Male and Female Teachers
          NPR, 2/23/15

          Eddie Murphy's "White Like Me": Research On White Privilege
          New York Times, 2/24/15


          Montessori Charter Schools Emerge In Austin
          EdSurge, 2/19/15


          Excerpt From Karl Ove Knausgaard's Memoir That's Sweeping the US
          New York Times, 2/25/15


          What Millennials Want From Work: A World View
          Harvard Business Review, 2/23/15


          Games As Stealth Formative Assessments
          EdWeek, 2/28/15

          A Reminder That Teacher Bias Can Affect Student Outcomes
          NPR, 2/22/15


          Digital Natives Still Prefer Reading Print
          Washington Post, 2/22/15

          Should We Abandon Our System Of Spelling?
          Atlantic, 2/9/15


          Preparing For Pi Day
          Edutopia, 2/25/15

          3D Printing As Likely Domain For Counterfeiting
          Wired, 2/20/15

          Book: "The Mathematics Of Love"
          Brain Pickings, 2/18/15


          Big Companies Are Going Solar
          Slate, 2/20/15


          Are Micro-Degree Partnerships A Game-Changer?
          Brookings, 2/23/15

          Read DNA, Then Create A Face
          New York Times, 2/23/15


          AltSchool: Project-Based Micro-Schools Gain Momentum
          EdSurge, 2/26/15

          How To Be A Good Colleague
          EdWeek, 1/13/15

          More On Unschooling
          Washington Post, 2/25/15

          Private Schools With A Public Purpose: Conference In March
          Mission Local, 2/10/15