February 8 - February 15, 2015

Some serendipitous arrivals this week:

Gray matter, white matter: lots of brain science this week, explaining teens, how and when we learn to read, and more.  See the cognitive science section.  Also, see several articles on sleep scattered throughout different sections.  Also of note for the science-minded: two re-imaginings of how science works or might be understood lead off the STEM section.  

Lastly, for fans of Middle English: two rare references to Chaucer grace in the humanities section.


          Three Purposes of Education
          Washington Post, 2/12/15
          "An educational focus on asking productive questions and defining meaningful
          problems isn't just an academic skill.  It is an important disposition across life, 
          work, and citizenship."

          Attention, Technology, And Fear Of Missing Out
          Pacific Standard, 1/29/15
          "Reading a book is like carrying on a prolonged conversation with one individual
          writer, but the temptation on the other side of the screen is an ongoing conversation
          with everyone at once, as if all of your friends were hanging out in the same room in
          which you're trying to peacefully read the latest dense Great American Novel."


          Teens: People With Heightened Social Emotions
          Scientific American, 2/3/15


          Yes, The Arts Do Promote Meaningful Creativity
          Pacific Standard, 2/11/15


          What's The Right Time/Term To Take The SAT?
          New York Times, 2/4/15


          Anxiety As An Indicator Of Moral Life
          Aeon, 2/12/15


          Elon Musk Gets Prior Knowledge Just Right
          Farnam Street, 1/12/15

          Analyzing the Cognitive Load of Slide Presentations
          EdSurge, 1/19/15

          Neuroscientists Home In On How and When We Learn To Read
          New Yorker, 2/11/15

          Theory Of Mind And The Development of Self-Consciousness
          Pacific Standard, 1/16/15

          Is Procrastination Really A Matter Of Discomfort?
          Wall Street Journal, 1/17/14

          National Sleep Foundations Recommendations, By Age
          PRNewsWire, 2/2/15


          Frank Bruni On The Value Of A Liberal Arts Education
          New York Times, 2/11/15

          "Why Do We Have To Learn This?": How We Define A Curriculum
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1/18/15


          Race Gaps At Elite Colleges
          Brookings, 2/3/15


          On How We Talk With Infants And Toddlers
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2/11/15


          What Happened To The Kids Who Were Paid $100K To Skip College?
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/8/15

          College and Social Mobility
          Brookings, 2/6/15

          An Argument Against Modular/Unbundled Education
          Atlantic, 1/27/15


          In Short Term Culture, Historical Thinking Is Increasingly Important
          New Statesman, 1/29/15

          Language Evolution Mirrors Genetic Evolution
          Stanford, 1/30/15

          Poetry as Medicine?  Welcome, The Medical Humanities
          Times Higher Education, 1/22/15

          More On Harper Lee's Sequel To "To Kill A Mockingbird"
          New York Times, 2/3/15

          A Modern Day Chaucer, on Love.  (Yes, In Middle English)
          NPR, 2/14/15

          Who Was Chaucer? Why Did He Write The Canterbury Tales?
          Spectator, 1/17/15


          Sleep In: Another Call To Start The School Day Later
          Brookings, 2/4/15

          What High Performers Value At Work
          Harvard Business Review, 11/18/14


          92% Of College Students Say They Concentrate Better Reading Paper
          New Republic, 1/14/15

          Fantasy Literature (e.g. Harry Potter) Stimulates The Brain Differently
          Pacific Standard, 2/13/15

          "Loving To Read" Is Relatively New
          New Yorker, 2/2/15


          Is Science A Moral Force?
          Washington Post, 1/22/15

          Should Scientific Thinking Drop Experimentation For Elegance?
          NPR, 1/27/15

          On Learning Number Sense Vs. Memorizing Tables and Formulae
          Stanford, 1/29/15

          Some Kids Like Cub Scouts.  Some Kids Like Math Circles.
          KQED, 2/6/15


          Is Climate Disaster Inevitable?
          New York Times, 1/18/15

          Of Nine Barriers To Human Destruction, We've Crossed Four.
          Quartz, 1/20/15


          The Second Life Of Google Glass
          Wired, 2/8/15

          In Defense of YikYak
          Pacific Standard, 1/29/15

          The End of Websites?  Apps And The New TV.
          The Awl, 2/5/15

          Does Technology Cause Stress? Not Always, And Sometimes It Helps
          New York Times, 1/15/15


          Fall Asleep Faster? Inhale 4 Seconds, Hold 7, Exhale 8 Seconds
          Byrdie, 1/12/15

          The Benefits of Recess, And How To Make It Even Better
          Stanford, 2/11/15

          UK University Creates A Nap Room
          Telegraph, 2/3/15

          VT High School Schedules 15 Minute Recess Every Day
          Edutopia, 2/3/15

          Stop Motion Lego Painting Of A Piet Mondrian [Video]
          YouTube/CheesyBricks, 1/27/15

          The Ukulele Is Having A Revival
          Atlantic, 1/25/15