March 1 - March 8, 2015

Among many good articles this week: several articles that suggest that old school is sometimes still good school.  In Pedagogy: a reminder that drill-and-kill is still sometimes best for learning.  In Tech: going tech-free for extended periods--as a whole school--can be a worthwhile experience.  The anecdotal results show an interesting and compelling range.

Also, of course, the feature article about gender gaps raises awareness about an important, familiar issue.


          On Girls' Growing Dominance In School And University
          Economist, 3/7/15
          "Until the 1960s boys spent longer and went further in school than girls, and were
           more likely to graduate from university.  Now, across the rich world and in a
           growing number of poor countries, the balance has tilted the other way.
           Policymakers who once fretted about girls' lack of confidence in science now spend
           their time dangling copies of 'Harry Potter' before surly boys.  Sweden has
           commissioned research into its 'boy crisis'.  Australia has devised a reading
           programme called 'Boys, Blokes, Books & Bytes".  In just a couple of generations,
           one gender gap has closed, only for another to open up."


          AP Computer Science Numbers Grow 25%.  Diversity Still Low.
          Computing Education, 3/4/15


          Center For Curriculum Redesign Publishes Character Framework
          Center For Curriculum Redesign, 3/3/15

          Obituaries As Character Lessons
          Boston Herald, 2/28/15


          Cognitive Exhaustion Is Real.  Avoid It By Taking A Walk.
          Farnam Street, 2/24/15

          More Sleep = Greater Well Being
          Gallup, 3/2/15

          The Left Brain/Right Brain Divide Is Wrong
          LA Magazine, 2/9/15

          Guilt Drives The Hardest Work.  (But Let's Be Moral Here!)
          PsyBlog, 12/31/14


          3 Digital Outcomes From School: One Principal's View
          Connected Principals, 3/6/15

          Communication: The Essential Skill?
          Creativity Post, 3/4/15


          The Effect Of Physical Contact On Cognitive Development
          New Yorker, 3/4/15

          Playing With Blocks: The Beginnings Of Math
          NPR, 3/3/15


          Liberal Arts College Closes, Despite Strong Programs and Endowment
          PBS, 3/4/15


          Philosopher: Schools Don't Teach Moral Facts.  Commenters Descend.
          New York Times, 3/2/15

          Gerrymandering Made Clear And Simple
          Washington Post, 3/1/15


          Five Great Sports Coaches On How To Coach
          Harvard Business Review, 2/25/15

          How To Make Small Changes When You're Not The Boss
          Harvard Business Review, 2/26/15


          Five Conditions For Effective Teacher Teams
          Harvard Graduate School Of Education, 11/1/11

          What Are The Socio-Emotional Traits Of Inquiry Teachers?
          KQED, 11/23/13


          Don't Throw Away Drill-And-Kill.  In Some Cases, It's Still Best
          NPR, 2/26/15

          50 Ways To Teach With Current Events
          New York Times, 10/7/14

          To Learn Languages: Take Risks, Immerse Yourself, Get Feedback
          BBC, 3/3/15


          Gates Makes Case And Call For Sustainable, Global Future
          Gates Notes, 1/21/15

          Problem Solving In Small Villages In India, Without Electricity
          NPR, 2/17/15


          SF School Goes Tech-Free For 3 Days.  Here's What Happened.
          KQED, 3/6/15

          On The State Of Online Writing, And Medium As A Platform
          Atlantic, 2/26/15


          Where Do Students Study Abroad?  [Maps]
          MoveHub, 2/23/15

          Public School Teacher Sends Daughter To Private School, Explains
          Atlantic, 3/4/15

          Teacher Training Programs Seeing Sharp Drop In Enrollment
          NPR, 3/3/15

          How To Ask For A Raise
          Harvard Business Review, 3/5/15

          Surveillance Is Different From Care
          Snakes And Ladders, 3/4/15