March 22 - March 29, 2015

A wealth of great articles this week.

I've been thinking about innovation--the word "innovation" surely is an overused buzzword, but the concept is valid--most recently because of the article about innovation leadership in schools.  The best organizations have R&D departments: research and development.  We should think about the place of R&D in schools, and it may be that coupling innovation/development with research is what gives the work the stature that "innovation" alone lacks.

Also, the feature article on movement in learning goes deeper than most research-reporting articles.  It addresses all grade levels and is a good prompt for teachers of all disciplines to think about kinesthetic learning in our classrooms.

Also, be sure to check out the humor piece on what the State of the Union would be like if it had been written by a high school sophomore...



          David Brooks Explores The Unmeasurable Skills We Need Today
          New York Times, 3/17/15
          "Itoday's loosely networked world, people with social courage have amazing value.
          Everyone goes to conferences and meets people, but some people invite six people 
          to lunch afterward and follow up with four carefully tended friendships 
          forevermore.  Then they spend their lives connecting people across networks."

          John Seely Brown's Essay On Digital Age Entrepreneurial Learning
          John Seely Brown, 3/22/15
          "This does not mean how to become an entrepreneur.  The entrepreneurial learner
          is constantly looking for new ways, new resources, new peers and potential mentors 
          to learn new things."

          The Importance Of Movement To Learning
          KQED, 3/26/15
          "Scholarly study goes back a long time in history, but in terms of human evolution, 
          many of the academic skills now required for successful functioning in the world are 
          fairly new to the human brain.  As neuroscientists investigate how humans learn, 
          they often find that newer skills and aptitudes are mapped onto areas of the brain 
          that also control basic body functions.  Increasingly, this work is helping to 
          illuminate neurological connections between the human body, its environment, and 
          the process of learning."


          Stanford Brings Character And Moral Education Back Into Curriculum
          Fast Company, 3/26/15


          "Memento" For Real: A Woman With No Long Term Memory
          New Yorker, 3/30/15

          More Evidence Of The Malleability Of Intelligence
          Pacific Standard, 3/26/15


          Memorization Is A Foundation Of Creativity
          Edutopia, 3/26/15


          On The Need To Buoy The Humanities As Well As STEM
          Washington Post, 3/26/15


          Inequality In Representation = Inequality For The Represented
          New Yorker, 3/16/15


          Plato's Allegory Of The Cave [video]
          Ted-Ed / YouTube, 3/15/15

          How The English Language Is Ruining Indian Literature
          New York Times, 3/19/15

          Wittgenstein Was A Teacher, Too
          The Paris Review, 3/5/15


          More Details On Finland's Experimental Changes To Curriculum
          Vox, 3/25/15


          Job Description For An Innovation Leader In Schools
          Teaching Science in the 21st Century, 3/23/15

          Traps Leaders Fall Into, And How To Avoid Them
          Quartz, 3/22/15

          10 Tips For Hiring High Level Administrators
          Nature, 3/18/15

          How Best To Develop As A Leader?  Play.
          Harvard Business Review, 3/27/15

          Innovating In An Organization Without Losing the Core
          Harvard Business Review, 3/25/15

          Don't Talk About New Ideas.  Test Them.
          Harvard Business Review, 12/24/15


          3 Tips For Good Coaching Relationships
          Harvard Business Review, 2/18/15


          On Teaching For Transfer
          Washington Post, 3/24/15


          Umberto Eco on Antilibraries: On Having Books We Haven't Read
          Brain Pickings, 3/24/15

          Exploring the Gender Gap In Reading
          Brookings, 3/24/15


          How One Teacher Teaches Climate Change In A Fossil Fuel State
          PBS, 3/26/15


          Veteran Teacher Observes Tech's Arrival, Calls Out Concerns
          Atlantic, 3/25/15

          Teaching Machines: From B. F. Skinner To Digital Game Design
          Harvard, 3/1/15


          Graphicacy: Visual Literacy + Visual Thinking
          ASIDE, 3/23/15


          International Data on Student Engagement and Intrinsic Motivation
          Brookings, 3/24/15

          Peer Pressure Affects Course Registration
          Brookings, 3/20/15

          Do Private Schools Inhibit The Development Of Public Schools?
          Gawker, 9/13/12

          State Of The Union: As Written By A Sophomore [Humor]
          New Yorker, 3/24/15

          10 More Tips For Giving Presentations
          Farnam Street, 3/17/15