March 8 - March 15, 2015

This issue is rich with articles offering new ways of looking things: from curricular skills to college application to coaching basketball.  The feature article on assessment steps away from what we typically think of as "skills" to identify areas of development and ways of being that ought to lie at the heart of what we do as educators.  And, the author offers insight into how we might begin to meaningfully assess these skills.

And, the second feature article couples nicely with the humanities article on philology to remind us of the word as the heart of understanding.



          7 Skills Worth Testing: Reinventing What And How We Assess
          Boston Globe, 2/26/15
          "The answer is not to abandon testing, but to measure the things we most value, 
          and find good ways to do that... After all, in the past 50 years economists and 
          psychologists have found ways to measure things as subtle and dynamic as the 
          mechanisms that explain when and why we give in to impulse, the forces that 
          govern our moral choices, and the thought processes that underlie unconscious 

          An Ode To Writing
          New Yorker, 3/11/15
          "Despite every advancement, language remains the defining nexus of our 
          humanity; it is where our knowledge and hope lie.  It is the precondition of human 
          tenderness, mightier than the sword but also infinitely more subtle and more 
          urgent.  Remember that writing things down makes them real; that it is nearly 
          impossible to hate anyone whose story you know; and, most of all, that even in our 
          post-postmodern era, writing has a moral purpose."


          A Friendlier Argument Against Applying To The Ivies
          New York Times, 3/13/15


          When Alone, Adolescents Are Like Adults.  But When With Peers...
          NPR, 3/11/15


          Mindset Affects Motivation, Openness To Risk, Creativity, And More
          Farnam Street, 3/2/15


          Does Education Really Boil Down To Cultural Capital And Skills?
          Forbes, 3/5/15


          Should Lower Elementary Schools Do Away With Homework?
          LA Times, 3/9/15


          Philology: The Lost Origin Of The Humanities
          New Criterion, 3/3/15


          The Challenge Of Innovating In Large, Stable Organizations
          Steve Blank, 3/11/15


          An Ever-Growing Portion Of Our News Is Written By Robots
          New York Times, 3/8/15

          How Robot Writing Works
          Wired, 3/6/15


          This Tulsa Algebra Teacher Is Crushing It.  (See Her Blog For Detail)
          NPR, 3/9/15

          Davidson Basketball Adds Math Students To Coaching Lineup
          New York Times, 3/14/15


          Insight Into Local Food Sourcing In Schools
          NPR, 3/11/15


          "A Brief History Of Calculators In The Classroom"
          Hack Education, 3/12/15

          We Shouldn't Be Angry That Senators (And Others) Don't Use Email
          Cal Newport, 3/14/15

          Is The Startup The Driver Of The National And Global Economy?
          Compass, 2/14/15


          High Ceilings Associated With Free, Creative Thinking
          Fast Company, 3/5/15


          The Demographics Of Mentoring In America
          Brookings, 3/6/15