April 12 - April 19, 2015

In addition to holding some compelling discipline-specific articles in Humanities and STEM, this week includes a number of compelling articles on technology in education: how it works on our attention, how connectedness influences adolescents, and more.

I'm also a fan of the EdWeek article on how to help teachers get better.  It's full of things we've likely heard before, but it brings them together in helpful ways, including with solutions to address the problems it raises.  (How novel!)



          Understanding Loneliness In The Digital Age
          Guardian, 4/1/15
          "Hidden behind a computer screen, the lonely person has control.  They can search 
          for company without the danger of being revealed or found wanting.  They can 
          reach out or they can hide; they can lurk and they can show themselves, safe from 
          the humiliation of face-to-face rejection... But now a problem arises, for the contact 
          this produces is not the same thing as intimacy.  Curating a perfected self might win 
          followers or Facebook friends, but it will not necessarily cure loneliness, since the 
          cure for loneliness is not being looked at, but being seen and accepted as a whole 
          person - ugly, unhappy and awkward, as well as radiant and selfie-ready."

          "Distraction Is A Kind Of Obesity Of The Mind"
          Guardian, 4/12/15
          "We need a kind of 'attentional commons': a regulation of noise and distraction in 
          public space, and government intervention in areas like gambling, where some 
          people are being manipulated beyond their reasonable ability to cope.  More 
          importantly, though, Crawford advocates skilled practices as a way of engaging with 
          the world in a more satisfying way.  He gives the examples of a cook, an ice hockey 
          player, and a motorbike racer as people whose roles force them to deal with material 
          reality.  No representation can replicate the feel of the puck on ice or gravel under 
          your tyres at high speed.  Each relies on good judgment of a complicated subject 
          and the ability to manage the presence of others in the same space."

          On How Best To Help Teachers Get Better
          EdWeek, 4/15/15
          "How is teacher professional growth hindered...?  The absence of downtime... their 
          workload... the lack of autonomy... structural isolation... very little feedback about 
          their effectiveness... What would a national teacher strategy look like?"


          E-Cigarettes Are Now The Most Used Tobacco Product By Teens
          Pacific Standard, 4/16/15


          David Brooks: Six Moral Milestones That Lead To Good Character
          New York Times, 4/11/15


          In Defense Of Daydreaming
          New York Magazine, 4/17/15


          Copying As Creativity In The Age Of Twitter
          Buzzfeed, 4/15/15

          When New Ideas Fail, And Why
          Creativity Post, 4/16/15

          On The Importance Of Androgyny Of Mind
          Brain Pickings, 4/15/15


          Internships And Work Experience As Course Credit
          Atlantic, 4/12/15

          Nicholas Kristof: 3 Reasons We Need The Liberal Arts
          New York Times, 4/16/15


          Keywords In The State Of The Union Address, Over History
          Priceonomics, 4/16/15

          Distant Reading: After Close Reading
          New Rambler Review, 4/13/15


          When And Why Employees Leave
          Harvard Business Review, 4/10/15

          On Counseling Employees To Depart
          Harvard Business Review, 4/6/15

          5 Signs It's Time To Search For A New Job
          Harvard Business Review, 4/7/15

          Lessons From An Old Organization (Disney) Trying To Be New
          Fast Company, 4/15/15


          Helping Kids Learn To Take Risks: A Process Approach
          Teacher Tom's Blog, 3/27/15

          Against Direct Instruction: Especially With Young Kids
          Slate, 3/16/15


          Get Better By Reaching Out To People You Admire
          99u, 4/15/15


          Read World Math: Trigonometry In The Farm Fields
          NPR, 4/15/15

          A Non-Dweck Explanation Of Fixed Mindsets In Math
          Math With Bad Drawings, 4/8/15


          How Kids Use Instagram To Check Out Schools
          Time, 4/2/15

          A Medieval Disputation On Technology And Attention
          Hedgehog Review, 3/27/15

          Lessons Learned From Online Collaboration
          Harvard Business Review, 4/14/15


          This High School Was Designed To Be Like Google Offices
          Fast Company, 4/6/15


          On Kids, Parenting, And Searching For Passions
          New York Times, 4/8/15