April 19 - April 26, 2015

David Brooks' new book is having its moment.

The cluster of articles about creativity offer a selection that might be useful for fostering creative work in an organization.  The 2012 Slate article seemed a nice complement to the first two.

Also, in some shameless self-promotion: the featured TEDx link will take you to the talk I gave about how the act of pausing, short or long--such as during wait time after asking a question or during sleep--provides extraordinary benefits to our lives and sense of self.  File it under pedagogy, cognitive science, mindfulness, and workplace.



          The Library As Facilitator Of Classroom Innovation
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/10/15
          "The added value is using these spaces for other purposes: workshops, seminars, 
          symposiums, exhibits, showcases, media labs, meeting rooms, study rooms, group 
          work rooms, tutoring rooms, and other activities.  So there is a functional layer.  We 
          can teach more.  We can teach differently.  Other people can also teach more and 
          differently as well.  We can partner more with them on instruction and other 
          projects.  When the rooms are not 'classrooms' they can serve a multitude of other 

          I Gave A TEDx Talk: Why Pausing Makes Us More Of Who We Are
          TEDx / YouTube, 4/20/15
          "The momentary pause in Beethoven's fifth, periods of prolonged sleep, the wait 
          time after a question: these are moments when we gather up the past and create a 
          future that belongs more to our imagination and critical thought and less to our 
          instinct.  These moments bring creative insight, analytical acuity, and vision."


          Brain Pickings Riffs On David Brooks
          Brain Pickings, 4/21/15

          Tom Ashbrook Interviews David Brooks: On Character [audio]
          WBUR, 4/20/15


          How Much Sleep Is The Right Amount? [video]
          KQED, 4/19/15


          11 Ways Organizations Can Crush Creativity [video/humor?]
          Harvard Business Review, 4/24/15

          5 Traits of Creative People
          Fast Company, 4/20/15

          On The Demographics Of The Most Creative Teams
          Slate, 3/23/12


          Colleges Need To Move From Fighting Racism To Fostering Inclusion
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/21/15


          ASU Offers Its Freshman Year Online Through edX
          New York Times, 4/22/15


          The Ways We Tell Stories In A Digital Age
          Medium, 4/16/15


          7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teams (w/ Great Visualizations)
          UsTwo, 4/22/15


          Middlebury's Language Immersion Pedagogy Goes Online
          KQED, 4/21/15

          A Call To Be Scientific About Teaching And Learning
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/20/15


          The New York Times Makes A Table That Takes Notes For You
          Fast Company, 4/17/15


          What Research Says About Standing Desks
          Fast Company, 4/22/15


          The Apocryphal History Of "Factory Model" Education
          Hack Education, 4/25/15

          The Peer Review Process Works
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/23/15

          The Case For Adults Needing More Time To Play
          Pacific Standard, 4/9/15