April 5 - April 12, 2015

A good week this week, one in which two remarkable articles on 1st generation college students emerged in rich, complementary ways.

And related: the press release by Pomona highlights remarkable demographic diversity.  Notably, it parallels the announcement that this current school year is the first year that students of color make up over 50% of students in public schools nationwide.   Should schools tie the makeup of incoming classes to the diversity of the country? 

And, isn't it essential for a newsletter that gathers eclectic sources to include an article entitled: "In Praise Of Irrelevant Reading"?

These, and more!


          A Deep Dive Into The First Generation College Experience
          New York Times, 4/12/15
          "Freshmen were assigned to attend one of two hourlong orientation sessions.  In
          one, panelists gave advice about the transition to college and challenges like 
          choosing classes.  In the other, the same panelists wove their backgrounds into
          advice... Typically, first-generation freshman G.P.A.s lag behind their peers' by 0.3
          points.  The gap was eliminated for students in the session where panelists shared 
          their backgrounds; they also reported being happier, less stressed out and more 
          willing to seek help than the control group."

          The Perils and Promise of 1st Generation College Kids (At Ivies)
          Boston Globe, 4/9/15
          "I feel like here I'm moving up the socioeconomic ladder.  But when I graduate, will
          I slip back down?"

          Students Of Color Are A Majority In Pomona College's Admitted Class
          Pomona, 3/20/15
          "For the first time, students of color make up the majority of the class at 51.4 
          percent.  Of these students, 13.8 percent are Asian, 11.6 percent Black/African 
          American, 18.3 percent Hispanic, 7.4 percent multiracial and less then 1 percent 
          Native American."


          4 Traits At The Heart Of Emotional Intelligence
          New York Times, 4/7/15


          A Life Full Of Art: Correlated With Strong Lifelong Cognitive Skills
          Pacific Standard, 4/8/15

          How Much Time Should We Spend Studying Before A Test?
          Vox, 3/30/15


          3 Reasons Brainstorming Works Better Online
          Harvard Business Review, 4/2/15

          Note From The Creativity World Forum (...in Oklahoma)
          Oklahoma Gazette, 3/31/15


          The Many Benefits Of Diversity
          Creativity Post, 4/10/15


          Is Administration The Real Cause Of The Rising Cost Of Tuition?
          New York Times, 4/4/15


          Shakespeare's Sonnets: Dramatized In New York City
          New York Times, 4/5/15

          Poetry And Different Kinds Of Truth
          New Criterion, 4/1/15

          Should The US Citizenship Test Be Required For A HS Diploma?
          Boston Globe, 3/26/15


          Is Micro-Credentialing the Right PD For Teachers?
          New America, 4/7/15


          "In Praise Of Irrelevant Reading"
          First Things, 4/8/15


          A Deep Look At Numbers, Numeracy, and Number Sense
          Edge, 10/27/97


          What's The Current Data on MOOC Usage?
          NPR, 4/11/15

          How Teens Use Social Media in 2015
          Pew Internet, 4/9/15

          4 Reasons That "iPads < Teachers"
          Bright, 4/6/15

          How Some Video Games Create History Students
          Bright, 3/31/15


          The Science Of Classroom Decoration And Design
          Bright, 3/31/15


          On How Feelings Influence Thinking
          New York Times, 4/3/15