March 29 - April 5, 2015

Lots of good stuff here!

Two weeks ago a This American Life podcast showed the danger of bringing public and private schools together.  This week, the feature article celebrates how two schools successfully bridged that divide.  A good exercise for any school.

Both of the other feature articles are also worthwhile: the opening article on perceptual learning shows the role this skill will play in the times of big data, and the article on resilience breaks down the trait, exploring its component parts and offering a path forward for teaching it.

The tech article from the Jacobin offers a provocative look at what problems we can and cannot solve with technology.  It mischaracterizes a few things, but prompts good thinking about how we might best use the tools of today.



          Perceptual Learning: A New/Necessary Skill In An Information Age
          New York Times, 3/27/15
          "This is no gimmick.  The medical school at U.C.L.A. has adopted perceptual 
          modules as part of its standard curriculum, to train skills like reading 
          electrocardiograms, identifying rashes (there are many varieties, which all look the 
          same to the untrained eye) and interpreting tissue samples from biopsies.  The idea 
          is that you can learn to quickly identify abnormalities.  Such modules are equally 
          applicable in any field of study or expertise that involves making subtle 

          Documentary Theater: Bridging The Public-Private Divide
          KQED, 4/3/15
          "The worlds of Richmond High School and Marin Academy are only one bridge 
          away from each other, but they rarely collide.  That was until a theater project 
          asked students from both schools to interview each other, and perform each other's
          lives on stage.... You have to learn to move the way that person moves, and follow 
          the exact words that person said -- even the ums, the ahs, the likes.  So each student
          met with a student from the other school, and they basically ripped their hearts 
          out, knowing full well that these interviews would end up on stage for everyone to 
          see, performed by the student that interviewed them."

          What Is Resilience?  How Do We Build It?
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 3/23/15
          "The developing brain relies upon the consistent 'serve and return' interactions that
          happen between a young child and a primary caregiver... When these interactions 
          occur regularly, they provide the scaffolding that helps build 'key capacities -- such 
          as the ability to plan, monitor, and regulate behavior, and adapt to changing 
          circumstances -- that enable children to respond to adversity and to thrive.'"


          Student Writes Fake Rejection Letter, Gets Real One [Humor-ish]
          Boston Globe, 4/3/15

          For Most People, Attending Ivies Doesn't Make An Income Difference
          Slate, 4/1/15


          A Collection of Writing About Grit And Resilience
          Edutopia, 4/2/15

          Exploring The Research Around When And Why We Trust
          New York Magazine, 4/1/15


          Searching The Internet Makes Us Feel Smarter Than We Are
          Pacific Standard, 4/1/15

          Does Doodling Help Us Remember?
          Wall Street Journal, 7/29/14

          The Ubiquitous Brain Scan As Proof.  Is It Reliable?
          Brain Decoder, 4/1/15

          A Non-Dweck Argument That Intelligence Is Malleable
          Pacific Standard, 3/26/15


          Being Tired Can Help Stimulate Creative Thinking
          New York Magazine, 3/27/15

          A Reminder Of Why Group Brainstorming Doesn't Work
          Harvard Business Review, 3/25/15


          Four States Allow Or Are Considering CompSci As Foreign Language
          Bloomberg, 4/2/15


          What Does American Think About Inequality As Bad As The 1920s
          Equitable Growth, 3/26/15


          University of Phoenix Loses Half Its Students In Last Five Years
          CNN, 3/25/15


          25 Maps That Show The Origin And Spread Of The English Language
          Vox, 3/3/15


          Clear Comparison Of Finnish And South Korean Education
          TED, 9/4/14


          Can A Hierarchical Organization Become Level?  Zappos Tries.
          Fast Company, 3/30/15

          Here's The Level Management Model Zappos Is Trying.
          Fast Company, 3/30/15

          Six Tips For Building Organizational Culture
          Harvard Business Review, 3/23/15


          Active Voice Tells Better Stories. Science Should Give Up The Passive.
          Slate, 4/1/15


          Millbrook School Is Now 100% Solar Powered
          Green Schools Alliance, 4/3/15


          Summer Coding Camps For Kids
          EdSurge, 3/26/15

          More On Laptops vs. Longhand Notetaking
          Vox, 3/31/15

          Against Techno-Utopianism And Blind Innovation
          Jacobin, 3/1/15


          How One School Used Restorative Justice To Address Discipline
          NationSwell, 3/27/15

          Excellent Tips For Making Excellent Presentations
          Stanford Graduate School of Business, 3/2/15

          Should Girls Lacrosse Require Helmets?
          New York Times, 3/30/15

          In This School, Kids Do All The Custodial Work
          NPR, 4/4/15