April 26 - May 3, 2015

I was a little stunned at first by the tone of the feature article on chalkboards.  If we are surprised that the chalkboard is an effective tool, then we have bought into the myth that gadgets are necessary for good teaching.  This article is a good reminder that even writing was once a technology, and that great learning has come from simple, old technologies for a long time.

Also, I love the irony of light humor involving existentialism.  




          Researcher Goes To Japan, Finds Chalkboards, Is Shocked
          Larry Cuban, 4/26/15
          "The focus in Japanese education is not on how many innovations they rush to 
          implement or how many new gadgets students get to use.  Instead, educators focus 
          on collecting evidence of effectiveness and leveraging technology resources 
          (whether it's a chalkboard or a smartboard) with purpose and intentionality to 
          enhance and facilitate teaching and learning opportunities.  As stated in a recent 
          Japanese publication from the Future Schools Project, 'Traditional education will 
          be valued while those parts of it that should be extended, broadened, or deepened 
          will evolve significantly."

          Existential Emails Explaining Why Students Missed Class [Humor]
          Synapse, 4/27/15
          "Can't make it.  Sorry this is last-minute.  Every minute is the last. -- Pamela"


          A Good Summary Of Research About Sleep
          Elite Daily, 3/24/15


          Beyond Test Scores: What Else Defines Success For Students
          EdWeek, 4/30/15

          "The Skills The Workforce Of The Future Will Need"
          Huffington Post, 5/29/14


          210,000 Kids Under 18 Have Same-Sex Parents
          USA Today, 4/28/15


          Poetry vs. Prose: What Makes This Distinction Possible
          Smart Set, 4/15/15

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          In Praise Of The Physical Book
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          Tony Stark--uh, Elon Musk Solves Global Warming [video]
          YouTube / Tesla, 5/1/15


          "Wasting Time On The Internet" Is An Ivy League Course
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          Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2/8/15

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          Farnam Street, 4/29/13

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