May 10 - May 17, 2015

What happens when you bring some of today's best thinkers and researchers on education together for a conversation about how to improve teaching?  Stanford GSE did just this.  Check out the notes in the feature article.

Also, a few good articles on the importance of play as a teaching tool.  Here the articles focus on early childhood, but it is certainly true at all ages.

Beyond these, it is a good and eclectic week of articles.  Enjoy!



          Reconsidering "Innovation" and "Progress"
          Aeon, 5/3/15
          "Somewhere between the tiny vision of innovation and the arrogance of grand 
          progress lies a vision of collective destiny and confidence that with the right 
          investments, a strong consensus, and patience we can generate a more just and 
          stable world.  We passed right by that point in the rush from the 20th to the 21st 
          centuries.  We must reclaim it."

          3 Education Writers Talk Together.  Here's What They Say.
          Stanford, 5/8/15
          "The status of teaching depends on the knowledge base and its acquisition by 
          teachers... There's an inverse relationship between our ability to produce well-
          informed, thoughtful, objective teachers and our intention, as a society, to 
          micromanage their work.  The more we entrust the people in the schools the more 
          we're willing to give them the collective professional autonomy to make judgements 
          about the work... [But] the more we distrust the capacity of people in schools, the 
          more we're pressed towards scripted curriculum and micromanaging that work."


          Book Review Of Frank Bruni's: 'Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be'
          New York Times, 3/22/15


          More On How Reading Promotes Empathy
          Guardian, 5/13/15

          Duckworth: We're Not Ready To Build In-School Assessments Of Grit
          KQED, 5/13/15

          Grit Isn't Just For Academic Success.  It's For Daily Life.
          New York Times, 5/15/15


          Do Brain Games Actually Help?  More Pushback.
          Pacific Standard, 5/14/15

          The Psychological Effect Of Dressing Up
          New York Magazine, 5/15/15

          Fidgeting: A Help To Kids With ADHD, A Hindrance To Others?
          NPR, 5/14/15

          Accounts Of Police Assault Demonstrate Unreliability Of Memory
          New York Times, 5/14/15


          The Creative Life: Pretty Much Nailing It Here
          Creativity Post, 5/14/15


          3 Types of Social-Emotional and Affective Skills: College & Beyond
          Harvard, 4/30/15


          3 Recommendations For Improving Diversity Hiring
          Medium, 5/11/15


          Play Is At The Heart Of Learning For Kids
          New York Times, 5/16/15


          On Parents Talking With Their Kids' College Professors
          New York Times, 5/8/15


          4 Categories For Organizational Creativity And Flow
          Fast Company, 5/11/15

          (Too) Many Ways Of Thinking About What Makes  A Good School
          Teachthought, 5/15/15


          More Play In Early Childhood Education
          Kappan, 5/1/15

          (When) Does The Maker Movement Actually Lead To Learning?
          Brilliant Blog, 5/12/15


          Give Kids Books Before The Summer, And Prevent Summer Slide
          Science Daily, 4/25/15

          The Case For Writing (And Reading) Books Online
          Medium, 5/14/15


          Interactive (Zoomable) Map: Milky Way to Solar System
          Chrome Experiments, 5/14/15

          Game Theory And The Decisions Of Everyday Life
          Pacific Standard, 5/12/15


          Slack: A Replacement For Meetings And Office Email?
          Medium, 5/8/15


          A Sew-On Patch For Procrastinators [Fun]
          No Fun Press, 5/1/15

          NPR Gathers The "Best Commencement Speeches, Ever"
          NPR, 5/19/15

          The State Of Google's Self-Driving Cars
          Medium, 5/11/15

          History Of Architecture As Analogy For Future Of Web Design
          Medium, 5/12/15

          Newspapers And Rock n' Roll: In Praise Of The Summer Job
          Wall Street Journal, 4/24/15