May 17 - May 24, 2015

Binary, mutually-exclusive thinking drives me crazy.  And this extends to conversations about tech vs. no-tech classrooms (for both teacher and student).  Obviously, there is a time for person-to-person learning, and a time for tech-mediated learning.  This week's Medium posts in the Tech section ultimately reach that conclusion.  The debate teases out reasons why.

Elsewhere this week is good writing and research on PD, stress, and more, plus some good old unreliable future telling to boot.



          Is Continual Improvement Better Than Focusing On Best Practices?
          Educational Leadership, 5/1/15
          "Research and practical experience suggest that professional development focused 
          on continual improvement of teaching is more effective than imitation of best 
          practices.  The 'best practice' culture tends to search for and celebrate outlier 
          teachers.  But better teaching doesn't come from imitating what star teachers do.  
          Better teaching is built by steady, relentless, continual improvement--one lesson 
          and unit at a time."

          Survey: What Causes Teachers Stress
          EdSurge, 5/19/15 [Study]
          "Amongst major factors contributing to teacher stress, the survey results cite the 
          adoption of new initiatives without proper PD (71%) and the negative portrayal of 
          educators in the media (55%) as the two biggest factors.  The survey also identified 
          the top three 'everyday stressors in the classroom' as mandated curriculum, large 
          class size, and standardized testing."

          Should Wealthy Schools Educate The Least Wealthy Students?
          Inside Higher Ed, 5/21/15
          "Selective institutions should do more to enroll low-income students, and... it would 
          be fair for the government to expect institutions that receive a large amount of 
          federal aid to also enroll higher numbers of low-income students."


          Empathy Training: When Doctors Are Paid Based On Feelings
          Atlantic, 3/15/15

          Experiencing Awe Leads To Humility And Concern For Others
          Pacific Standard, 5/19/15


          Research Drives Innovation.  America Is Doing Less Research.
          New York Times, 5/19/15


          Where Do Ivy League Graduates Go?  Back To Coding School.
          Bloomberg, 5/7/15

          Learning Music Helps Emotional Regulation
          Interlude, 5/13/15


          How Schools Are Attracting More Women To Computer Science
          New York Times, 5/21/15

          Lawsuit: Do Elite Schools Discriminate Against Asians?
          NPR, 5/20/15


          More Prognostication About The "Future of College"
          Fast Company, 5/18/15


          Against Historical Thinking?
          Farnam Street, 5/11/15

          On The Dearth Of Poetry Audiobooks
          New York Times, 5/15/15

          When Memory Is Caught Between Past And Present
          New York Times, 5/18/15


          A Managerial Analysis Of Peer Accountability (via Zappos/Holacracy)
          Harvard Business Review, 5/19/15

          On The Importance Of Regular Recognition Of Teacher Work
          Gallup, 5/22/15


          What's Best For Stress? Sleep, Diet, Exercise, and Meditation
          EdSurge, 5/20/15


          Teacher Collaboration Means Better Student Performance [paywall]
          American Educational Research Journal, 6/1/15


          Doctoral Student Takes Down Arguments Against Digital Notetaking...
          Medium, 5/19/15

          ...And Professor Defends Prohibiting Tech (At The Right Times)
          Medium, 5/19/15

          Yes (Obviously) A Mix Of In-Person and Tech Teaching Is Best
          Medium, 5/20/15

          Education Technology and The California (Silicon Valley) Ideology
          Hack Education, 5/17/15


          The New Rules Of The Old Workplace
          Fast Company, 5/18/15


          7 Habits For Nurturing Student Mental Health In Schools
          KQED, 5/22/15

          More Prognostication About The Jobs Of The Future
          Fast Company, 5/18/15

          Night Owl Or Morning Lark?  Which Is Happier, Smarter, Wealthier?
          Fast Company, 5/19/15

          How The Job Market Has Changed, Thanks To Computers
          NPR, 5/18/15