May 24 - May 31, 2015

Lots on character this week: non-cognitive skills appear in feature articles, the character section, and elsewhere.  And, visit the creativity and workplace sections to see more about the broad reaching effect of simply being happy, and how to help create a happier workplace.

Also this week: the interview with Paul Leblanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, offers an overview of where competency-based learning fits in schools, as well as lessons learned from SNHU, which is making smart and innovative moves.

Lastly, both a feature and leadership article explore how letting leadership come from the group leads to more responsive, effective organizations.



          SNHU's Paul LeBlanc On Competency-Based Learning (And More)
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/27/15
          "The credit hour is very good at telling us how long people have sat, not so good at
          telling us what they've actually learned.  And in that model, time is pretty fixed...
          What they learn is variable... You flip that in a competency-based model.  What 
          happens is that learning becomes fixed and non-negotiable, and time becomes 

          How Might You Reorganize Your School As A Team Of Teams?
          Fast Company, 5/12/15
          "Sharing information and creating strong horizontal relationships improves the
          effectiveness of everything from businesses to governments to cities.  His research
          suggests that the collective intelligence of groups and communities has little to do
          with the intelligence of their individual members and much more to do with the
          connections between them."

          5 Tips For Being A Creative Organization (From Xerox PARC Founder)
          Fast Company, 5/26/15
          "4. Stay small, avoid hype, and pick a boring name.... The shortest lived group at
          Xerox PARC was 'Office of the Future,' because Xerox executives would not leave
          them alone.  I chose the most innocuous name for my own group, the Learning
          Research Group.  Nobody knew what it meant, so they left us alone to invent
          object-oriented programming and the GUI."

          "Forest Mondays": School Takes Kids Outside All Day Every Monday
          NPR, 5/26/15
          "Minnucci worries that U.S. schools have become too focused on academics and test
          scores and not enough on 'noncognitive' skills such as persistence and self-control.
          There is growing attention on the importance of these skills, but Minnucci doesn't
          think traditional school is set up to teach them very well."


          Character/Non-Cognitive Skills/Mindsets -- What Do We Call Them?
          NPR, 5/28/15

          Does Altruism Exist?  Tom Stoppard Debates An Evolutionary Biologist
          Guardian, 5/22/15

          The Rise Of Anxiety On Campuses (And How Puppies Can Help)
          New York Times, 5/27/15


          A Lesson On How To Read Science Journalism
          NPR, 5/28/15


          What Does Nostalgia Have To Do With Creativity?
          Fast Company, 5/27/15

          On The Importance Of Happiness For Creative Work
          99u, 5/25/15


          The Scripps Spelling Bee And Cultural Competition
          Color Lines, 5/28/15


          Lead From The Middle. Your Network Is Smarter Than You.
          Harvard Business Review, 5/27/15

          Hiring Practices That Actually Predict Performance:
          Wired, 4/7/15


          10 Reflections On The First 10 Weeks Of Teaching
          Medium, 5/24/15


          College Newspaper Abandons Print, Uses Only Twitter And Medium
          Nieman Lab, 5/27/15

          Hardy Boys And The Ghostwriting Industry
          Atlantic, 5/27/15


          Revisiting The Proof Of Fermat's Last Theorem
          Nautilus, 5/28/15


          More Prototypes For Self-Sustaining 'Ecocapsules'
          Quartz, 5/27/15


          UK Schools: Banning Cell Phones Correlates With Improved Results
          Guardian, 5/15/15

          2015 Internet Trends Report
          Slideshare / KPCB, 5/26/15


          People Who Are Competent Get Assigned More Work
          Atlantic, 5/22/15

          3 Keys To A Happy Workplace
          Harvard Business Review, 11/14/14


          Can We Stop Referring To Students As 'Customers'?
          Slate, 5/22/15

          Natalie Portman Reflects On Pursuing Achievement Vs. Purpose
          Harvard Magazine, 5/27/15

          On The Role Of Paper Notebooks In A Digital Age
          NPR, 5/27/15

          The Indirect Effect Of Emotion On Decision Making
          Harvard Business Review, 5/6/15

          Grant Wiggins, Champion of Learning, Dies At Age 64
          Education World, 5/29/15