May 3 - May 10, 2015

The NAIS article on talking about race provides a remarkably thorough description of why people (white people in particular) struggle with talking about race.  And, the article offers tons of helpful ways to move forward.

Also, the writing tips piece helpfully explains common mistakes we make and how to correct them.  Surprisingly useful link, given the domain name...


          Why Talking About Race Can Be Hard.  How To Fix It.
          NAIS, 6/1/14
          "At the very least, schools that believe in equity and justice and want their students 
          to be future leaders need to help students--especially white students--understand 
          the history of race and racism and how both play out in contemporary society.  This 
          racial content knowledge constitutes a basic social literacy that all students should 

          Stress Can Be A Good Thing.  It's About Mindset
          Stanford, 5/7/15
          "Stress is most likely to be harmful when the following conditions are present: it 
          feels against your will, out of your control, and utterly devoid of meaning.  If you 
          can change any of these conditions--by finding some meaning in it--you can reduce 
          the harmful effects of stress."

          Frank Bruni: Reach For Your Interests, Not For Excellence
          New York Times, 5/2/15
          "Too many anxious parents and their addled children believe in, and insist on, an 
          exacting, unforgiving script for success and (supposedly) happiness.  Go to this 
          venerable college.  Pursue that sensible course of study.  Tailor your exertions to the 
          looming job market.  They put too much faith in plotting, too little in serendipity.  
          And it can leach joy and imagination from their pursuits."


          John Oliver Takes On Standardized Tests [humor/criticism]
          YouTube/John Oliver, 5/3/15


          Redefining Grit: From Persisting On Command, To At Will
          KQED, 5/5/15


          Fueling Collaboration & Creativity: Recap of 2015 99u Conference
          99u, 5/3/15


          The Case For Teaching Social-Emotional Skills
          Brookings, 5/6/15

          Micro-Schools: Building A School Within Your Own School
          Getting Smart, 5/6/15

          What Makes A Liberal Arts Education? Harvard Struggles With It, Too
          Harvard Magazine, 5/6/15


          Google Promotes Diversity By Sending Its Engineers To Teach
          EdWeek, 5/3/15


          3 Trends In The State Of College Admissions
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/7/15

          Professors In Existential Crisis: In Praise Of Residential Education
          New York Times, 5/9/15


          On Starting A New University In Rwanda
          Medium, 5/4/15


          When Collaboration Is Helpful, And When It Is Not
          Harvard Business School, 5/4/15

          On Compassion Vs. Anger In The Workplace
          Harvard Business Review, 5/7/15


          Ken Bain On What Great Teaching Looks Like
          NPR, 5/8/15


          10 Tips For Clearer Writing (And Why)
          Without Bullshit, 5/4/15


          Music Maker Space: Building A Student Recording Studio [video]
          YouTube/AlbemarleK12, 9/29/14

          Can Tech Change The Infrastructure Of How Schools Work?
          Wired, 5/4/15

          Video Games For Teaching History, Ethics, Physics
          KQED, 7/21/14


          Data Only Goes So Far
          New York Times, 5/2/15

          Millennials Seek Flexibility In Their Jobs
          Harvard Business Review, 5/7/15

          New York Times Asks Your Students: "Do We Still Need Libraries?"
          New York Times, 5/7/15