June 14 - June 21, 2015

A flurry of good articles this week on teacher evaluation--and how it needs to be revamped.  Articles tackle this question from many angles: science of learning, leadership, and more.

Also this week are two good articles that sit at the intersection of creativity and leadership.  They're both in Leadership and focus on the need for creative thinking when decision-making, especially in an age of data.

Also also: book lovers, indulge in the list of world's best book shops!



          The New Generation: Selfie-Absorbed, But Perhaps Not Selfish
          Atlantic, 6/10/15
          "An older generation may have spoken loftily about morality and virtue and
          nobility.  But many of them could be callous, cruel, and selfish in the way that they
          treated so many of their fellow human beings... The young today are perhaps less
          articulate.  They search for morality and the meaning of life in more incremental
          and practical ways.  They seek truth and justice, but through avenues quieter than
          the showy ones of the past.  They try to combine their great urges with a good life."

          Hattie's Call For Collaborative Teacher Efficacy and Growth
          Pearson, 6/16/15 [Full Report]
          "The greatest influence on student progression in learning is having highly expert,
          inspired and passionate teachers and school leaders working together to maximise
          the effect of their teaching on all students in their care.  There is a major role for
          school leaders: to harness the expertise in their schools and to lead successful
          transformations.  There is also a role for the system: to provide the support, time
          and resources for this to happen.  Putting all three of these (teachers, leaders,
          system) together gets at the heart of collaborative expertise."


          A Brief History Of The First College Board Tests
          Writer's Almanac, 6/17/15


          Go For It.  How Fear Of Failure Inhibits Learning. (Via Kitesurfing)
          Medium, 6/15/15


          Anxiety Can Be Good For You
          99u, 6/17/15

          Anxiety Is Worse For You Than You Think
          Salon, 6/17/15

          Exposure To Natural Settings Enhances Kids' Cognitive Development
          Pacific Standard, 6/16/15

          When Speaking In A Second Language, Our Morals Change
          Medium, 6/18/15

          How To Use Dreams To Help Solve Problems
          Washington Post, 6/16/15


          Does Following LEGO Directions Reduce Creativity?
          Geek Dad, 6/16/15


          Sweet Briar Lives On... For At Least One More Year
          New York Times, 6/21/15

          MIT + Foundation = New GSE With Research Arm
          Chronicle Of Higher Education, 6/16/15


          New Mark Twain Stories Discovered
          Guardian, 5/4/15

          How Schools Are Responding To The New Push For Non-Fiction
          New York Times, 6/19/15


          On Why Creatives Should Be Leaders
          Fast Company, 6/16/15

          Using Data To Drive Creative Decision Making
          Fast Company, 6/16/15


          Quiet Time And Meditation: Growing In Schools Nationwide
          Huffington Post, 6/12/15


          A Science Researcher Looks At Teacher Evaluations
          Change, 1/1/15

          Hattie Calls Out The Distractions In Education Discourse
          Pearson, 6/16/15

          What Makes Good Co-Teaching
          EdWeek, 6/10/15

          How Best To Evaluate Teachers: Support Their Development
          New York Times, 6/16/15


          Do Different Typefaces Evoke Different Feelings? (Obviously!)
          Wired, 6/18/15

          The World's Best Indie Bookstores: A Crowdsourced List
          Guardian, 6/19/15


          How Different Age Groups Use Different Devices (And How Long)
          Millward Brown Digital, 6/9/15

          A Good Exploration: What Makes Email So Insidious?
          Fast Company, 6/15/15

          3D Printing... A Pedestrian Bridge
          Fast Company, 6/12/15


          Short Questionnaire To Determine Your Job Satisfaction
          Harvard Business Review, 6/17/15


          Coders Hide Messages In Campaign Websites: Bush, Clinton, Paul
          USA Today, 6/17/15

          A Print Version Of Wikipedia
          New York Times, 6/16/15

          The Case For Micro-Schools
          Medium, 6/27/14

          An Exploration Into Distraction, And How We Fear Ourselves
          New Yorker, 6/16/15