June 21 - June 28, 2015

Great pairings this week: on success, on Pixar and creativity, on Charleston, on workplace productivity.  And in between are some eclectic selections.

The reading list for Charleston is remarkably--almost overwhelmingly--rich, and it will prove a deep vein for history or social studies teachers looking for materials to deepen a conversation about racial tensions in America today.  It will be a process of elimination to find what's right for you.

Also of interest: the final article in the newsletter makes an interesting if imperfect argument for sticking with students for two years.  Many schools do this with advising.  I'm prompted to think more about how this might influence the classroom, for better and for worse.



          Even Business Schools Are Affirming The Importance Of Humanities
          Harvard Business School, 6/24/15
          "We cannot march boldly into the future without demanding rapid advancement,
          too, in the faculties required to preserve our human dignity in a world of
          [artificial superintelligence].  Our capacities for ethical decision-making,
          compassion, and creativity must also grow, along with our intellectual
          capabilities to deepen our understanding of the human need for connection,
          accomplishment, and meaning."


          "F^@kup Nights": Publicly Gathering To Learn From Failure
          Stanford Social Innovation Review, 6/1/15

          Success = Learning From Failure (via Relief Pitching)
          Medium, 6/18/15

          Success = Mastery + Mistakes + Questions + Context + Change
          Farnam Street, 7/17/13

          How 3- And 5-Year Olds Look At Fairness
          Pacific Standard, 6/18/15

          Don't Follow Your Passions.  Do What You're Good At.
          99u, 6/22/15


          Moving While Learning: It Helps Kids With ADHD, But Not Others
          Wall Street Journal, 6/23/15


          Pixar: Feedback Is Not Input; It's Creative Collaboration
          Creativity Post, 6/26/15

          Pixar's John Lasseter On How To Use Technology Creatively
          Medium, 6/24/15


          The Five Best Computer Science Classes In The Country?
          Bloomberg, 6/11/15


          A Deep Reading List For Charleston--And African American History
          African American Intellectual History Society, 6/26/15

          9 Suggestions For How To Engage The Charleston Shooting In Class
          Medium, 6/24/15


          Most Of America Views 2 And 4 Year Colleges As Roughly The Same
          Gallup, 6/23/15


          Romance Novels As Introductions To History?
          NPR, 6/18/15


          Most Common Communication Pitfalls For Leaders
          Harvard Business Review, 6/24/15


          A Call To Help Wikipedia Thrive
          New York Times, 6/20/15


          Graphicacy: Literacy In Visual Communication
          Fast Company, 6/16/15


          The Best Times Of Day To Do Different Kinds Of Work
          Fast Company, 6/23/15

          How Old You *Feel* Might Influence How Productive You Are
          Fast Company, 6/22/15


          Should Teachers Stay With Students For Multiple Years?
          EdWeek, 6/17/15