June 7 - June 14, 2015

Good PD this week, and a fair amount under the category of reading and writing.

Also, in features: there's a tendency in our engineering-and-research-driven age to only build what evidence says is good, but Conrad Wolfram makes the case this week that this misses the way true change really happens.



          ASU: What Are The Four Things Mentors Need To Know?
          Medium, 6/9/15
          "This training provides: (1) an explanation of roles and responsibilities for mentors,
           student teachers, and university supervisors; (2) an introduction to co-teaching;
           (3) a description of the rubric used to evaluate student teachers, so that there is a
           shared understanding of what 'proficient' teaching looks like; and (4) strategies for
           coaching a novice teacher at different stages of their development process."

          Don't Let Obsession Over Evidence Stifle Innovation
          Conrad Wolfram, 5/22/15
          "When you build something significantly new it isn't just a matter of formally
           assembling evidence from the past in a predictable way.  A leap is needed, or
           several.  Different insights.  A new viewpoint.  Often in practice these will occur
           from a mixture of observation, experience and what still appears to be very
           human-style intelligence.  But wherever it comes from, it isn't straightforwardly


          When Discipline Is Left To The (Elementary) Students...
          Medium, 4/16/15

          ...And When Rules Are Replaced By Values
          Medium, 6/10/15

          Tips For Building Resilience 
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 5/18/15


          An Algorithmic Approach To Measuring Creativity In Paintings
          MIT Technology Review, 6/10/15


          When Different Races Get Different Treatment In Discipline
          Fordham Institute, 6/3/15

          4 Steps For Bringing More Women Into Senior Leadership
          Harvard Business Review, 5/25/15


          Why Early Childhood Education Is Crucial For Life Success
          New York Times, 6/3/15


          Every Possible Humanities Dissertation, Reduced To Tweets
          New Yorker, 6/10/15

          First Mexican-American Named US Poet Laureate
          New York Times, 6/10/15


          The State Of Global Education
          Brookings, 6/1/15


          5 Changes In The Brain, As A Result Of Meditation
          Washington Post, 5/26/15


          Just How Much Can A Sense Of Purpose Influence Performance?
          KQED, 8/19/14

          On Designing Systems For Competency Based Learning
          Competency Works, 6/1/15

          How To Promote Four Types Of Engagement
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 6/9/15


          What If Teachers Voluntarily Submitted Video For PD Analysis?
          Brookings, 6/11/15

          Mentorship (Like A Residency) For New Teachers
          Medium, 6/8/15

          20 General Tips For Improving Your Teaching And Your School
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 5/27/15


          How To Build A Habit Of Reading
          99u, 6/10/15

          Bibliotherapy: Prescribed Reading For Life's Challenges
          New Yorker, 6/9/15

          "Metaphor Designer"... It's A Job!
          Aeon, 6/9/15


          Can Every State Be 100% Renewable By 2050?  He Thinks So.
          Stanford, 6/8/15


          Tech Is Not Changing Teaching.  (Teachers Change Teaching.)
          EdWeek, 6/11/15

          No Data Plan Or Wifi? Kids Now Text Using Bluetooth.
          TechCrunch, 6/8/15

          Minecraft, An Online Legos, Facilitates All Kinds Of Learning
          Boing Boing, 6/6/15


          Two Questions To Ask If You Are Fulfilled... Every Day
          Gallup, 6/12/15


          What Is The History Of "Learning Networks"?
          Hack Education, 6/10/15

          Data Science Meets The History Of Music
          Priceonomics, 6/11/15

          School Design Innovation In 2015
          Medium, 1/27/15

          Ten Strategies To Learn Anything?
          World Economic Forum, 5/4/15